A dog called Smudge…

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One day a little black Labrador knocked on my door and said “hey missus, have you seen my ball?”, I said “why no I haven’t little one but please come in and rest, have a drink and some food before you continue on your way”.  “Thank you kindly, lady” said the little bubble of energy and the dog bounded into my hallway…

Although it didn’t quite happen like that….. It is a delight to share every day with this little black Smudge of a Labrador.  As cute as a button with a cheeky sense of adventure and a heart full of love (and of course an extremely waggy tail).  Smudge you are the best!!

Cute as a button

Cute as a button

Fuzzy Neptune by MissElisabethUK

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I have made another instrumental track for your delectation – they seem to be getting shorter (not sure why – less is more maybe?!) but don’t worry I am working on more compositions which will be coming out soon.  Watch this space and my YouTube channel  MissElisabethUK ….



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A day at Capstone Park…

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Hey all, just wanted to share with you my little trip to Capstone Park today for an Easter Egg hunt.  Although not really an Easter Egg hunt more of a walk around the park, deciphering clues and collecting ‘brass rubbings’ (there’s probably a more official name for this process maybe relief rubbing?!) of animals.

To make this trip a bit more enjoyable I was armed with my Panasonic Lumix camera, ready for an hour or so of point and shoot action.  Here are some of the results from this:


birds in flight blue flower heron tree stump white blossom

Pretty Freak by MissElisabethUK

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Music is very subjective, not everyone likes everything – for me it’s about the process, creating something new, experimenting, the challenge.

Please check out my latest offering (and, of course, my YouTube channel)…


Dirty Fracture by MissElisabethUK

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In case you were wondering what I have been up to – check this video out on YouTube, it’s all my own work…

Week 43… cakes and biscuits…

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I have been trying out my cooking skills this week, so thought I would share some of my efforts with you…  Happy baking!

Cup Cakes Ahoy

Watch Out Biscuit Men

Watch Out Biscuit Men!

Skulduggery Pleasant… that was week 42….

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Week 42, well what can I say…  Instead of writing on my blog again another thing I have been doing is reading more.

I’m usually more one for reading self-help books, instructional texts and obviously, financial publications, but this week I picked up a book that I really couldn’t put down.

As an infrequent reader of fiction, I’m probably not very refined or credible in my views on it stories and do not really have a lot of literary works under my belt to probably have an opinion worth much to some, however, this book was entertaining and absorbing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes….. I’m not even sure what genre it would be classified as – so I will resort to a quote from the Blurb..

“Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: wise-cracking detective, powerful magician, sworn enemy of evil.  Oh yes.  And dead.”

It was a quick read, even for someone such as myself with a slow reading technique (notice I used the word technique there, as though it’s a deliberate slowness on my part).  It was action packed, the story moved quickly so you felt you were on the journey with the characters.  It also had some very witty scenes and good rapport building dialogue between the two main characters, who were very likeable – although one a little unconventional.

I am now compelled to read more of Derek Landy’s work and note he has written more books in the Skulduggery Pleasant series, in fact Skulduggery has even got his own website!


I would say it’s probably aimed at the younger ‘Teen’ market but hey what’s wrong with being 12 again.. eh?


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