Sitting around drinking hot chocolate…

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A friend of mine, some years back, told me he spent every Saturday morning at an infamous coffee house writing his blog and planning his next podcast. I thought this was such a cool way of spending a Saturday morning, watching the world go by, as he sat, looking out on to a busy street with people rushing around, whilst contemplating the world and drinking coffee (or favourite beverage) but as I stop and think back now about that scene I now know why it appealed to me it was because it represented a lifestyle which I clearly didn’t and probably would never have.

For me Saturday mornings were and are always that time of the weekend where, if I can, I catch at least another hours sleep and then get busy with the household chores that I never got round to during the week – working full time. An industrious time, a full and busy schedule; one load of washing out and in to the tumble dryer and another load of washing in, empty the dishwasher and fill it back up again with the assorted plates, cups etc left on the side, cleaning down sides and of course the dreaded oven and hob. Saturday mornings = detergents, cleaners, cloths, lifting, scrubbing, hoovering, sweating and cold cups of tea.

So why do I sit here now and reflect on this? Well I know it’s not quite the Saturday morning coffee shop experience I described above but as I sit here with a hot chocolate in hand at the gym, waiting for my son to finish his spin class, I can’t help imagining again my friend’s experience. To me this sitting around drinking hot chocolate feels indulgent and almost a little odd but I can see that the ideal that once appealed to me still very much appeals.

I will continue to aspire to that Saturday morning ideal, stick it on a bucket list and wait for retirement when I will have the time (but maybe not the health) to enjoy such a thing. They say nothing happens in life unless you make it happen, maybe it’s time for a change and I actually make this happen… Eh?!

Spring has sprung…

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imageWalking in the park this morning I was delighted to be greated by swathes of purple crocus flowers, not just emerging from the ground but now sprouting and about to flower.  How quickly spring creeps up on us and now it is truly here (well as far as the crocus thinks so, which is good enough for me).



Love…. Is there really a differential?

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I have been thinking a lot about this recently and in particular whether there is a differential between the love you have for others.

As a mother you hear a lot about the unconditional love you have for your children, the concept that no matter what your child does you will always love them. However, I am not sure there is really a love differential at all.

There are some people I’m sure for whom you would say you would give your life for but I’m not sure for everyone this is solely for those you love. Yes, this could indeed be for your family, friends and pets but there are many people who give their lives for strangers too.

I couldn’t think of any more greater sacrifice than giving your life for someone else. Does this come down to a judgement of whether YOU think someone’s life is worth more than yours and how could you measure that?

I guess everyone would measure this differently; are they younger so would have the potential for ‘more of a life’ than you? Do they have children who might suffer a greater impact by their death than you (without a family)? Are you sick and they are healthy? Would you be a better protector than being protected? So many judgements which might need to be made quickly in a life or death situation.

So saying you would give your life for someone else is not a differential when it comes to love. So is there one? What do you think?

It’s a new year but nothing has changed….

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Welcome to my first post of 2015.  Sitting here, reflecting back on a tough 2014 and knowing that 2015 is going to be even tougher, I have been devoid of my usual new year excitement for probably the first time ever in my life.

Looking at the reasons for this there are many but to name a few; 2014 saw an increased pressure in the workplace to deliver more than I had to before, due to more work and the resulting fatigue I seemed to have less ‘me’ time (as my brain was filled and cluttered with the processing of information), which then impacted my friendships as I backed away from them (kept at a distance) as I couldn’t mentally cope with being involved in lots of connections as well…

As a result of this, I entered into 2015 with a lack of energy and enthusiasm, which I can now see why reflecting back on the reasons for my malaise.  So what am I trying to say?  I am not dismissing 2014 at all.  I think there has been some good ground work for future opportunities and challenges and I have had fun involving myself in some new and old hobbies (albeit of more of a solitary nature) but it’s time to focus on a couple of things to improve the areas which quite frankly I neglected in 2014 and now find myself in ‘deficit’ (if I can use that word in a non-financial sense).

So what for 2015?  I want to reconnect with the people that I have neglected in the past year (I publicly apologise to them for keeping my distance), I want to factor in some more fun and laughter time in my day to day, I want to get a good diet and exercise routine in place (one without fads and that I can realistically stick to).  Don’t get me wrong these are not new years resolutions, these are intended to be lifestyle changes, not restricted to 2015.

I want to read more and learn a new skill every month.  I want to improve the quality of my life but also positively impact the lives of those around me.  I want to make fewer compromises where work is concerned and put myself first more often in that context.  With family, I want to be better aware of when my needs are more important than theirs (I have a tendency to put others first at the detriment to myself).

This all seems a big ask at the moment.  A big mountain to climb.  However, small steps are key and remembering that I can’t please all the people all of the time and that if I stay true to myself and what I believe in, I will get through 2015 and be looking forward to 2016.

Stay true to yourselves and I hope you have a great weekend.

Cards, gems and boomps a daisy…..

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Evening all, hope you are keeping out of mischief but if not, I hope you are staying safe.

As winter draws in it’s important to take up a more winter appropriate hobby, hence why I have turned my efforts to paper crafting.  See my previous post… Let’s get crafty… I have set up a table, with all my craft stuff on, in front of the biggest window in the house and I’m ready to be settled in for the winter.

Paper crafting is vast.  There is an incredible amount of choice in the products you can use and a myriad of techniques you can employ.  It’s a real minefield.  The potential for spending all your money on this hobby is high.  So crafter beware.  I personally have spent far too much money already on it but I continue to spend, it’s very addictive.

So I thought as a little Saturday treat I would post a photo of one of my creations and give you a feel for where I bought my craft items from and how much they cost.

So here goes…

Paper Crafting Example

The materials to make this card cost 63p:

– 6×6 card (white linen) with envelope : 12p (pack of 50 – £5.70)
– 20cm gold organza ribbon : 7p (from a 4m roll)
– Black and cream cardstock : 12p (approx.)
– 4 Black flower embellishments : 32p

To make the card I also used the following; Tonic punch (Twined Lily) to make the black flowers, an Ebossalicious 6×6 embossing folder (Floral Frenzy), fingerlift double-sided tape to tape down the card and a glue gun to fix the flowers.

If you want any more details just drop me a question in the comments.

That’s it from me.  Hope you all enjoy your crafting endeavours and have a real crafty winter.


Let’s get crafty…

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Good morning all.

It was recently my birthday so I decided to treat myself to some paper crafting tools.

I bought a Cuttlebug embossing and die cutting machine, a stars embossing folder and a couple of Tattered Lace die sets (flower and butterfly).

To start with I found it a bit tricky but once I had consulted with the hints and tips sheet on the Tattered Lace website all was well:

See below one of my works in progress for your viewing pleasure…


Tattered Lace die cut card

Where’s the cake when you need it…?

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I would love to do a complete blog on cake but this is not what this blog is about and after getting back to my running regime today it would seem frivolous to indulge in such things today, unfortunately.

This blog is actually about creative thoughts and ideas.   If you have read my blog before you will know that I’m part way through writing the first draft of a children’s book.  My first.  Needless to say a good book, with a great idea behind it.  But there comes a point when inspiration runs dry and you have to take a break to gather some new information and inspiration.

I think it’s a bit like solar power.

You have this reserve of ideas which at first you steam along using as much as you can as quickly as possible, all is going along merrily and then one day you use it all up.  It runs out.  And stop.  You sit at your laptop staring at the screen.  Nothing.  You go and make a cup of tea and sit back down at your laptop.  Still nothing.

You think ok, let’s be sensible and logical about this, like all things it will come to you, you need to be patient and relax.  The next week you open up your laptop and… nothing.  You go for a run.  Nothing.  You are at the point of giving up… again!  Then you remind yourself why you started the project in the first place, to try something new and have some fun.  Have some FUN dammit!

So here starts a period of having fun, the book can wait.  It’s not eating anything or harming anyone after all eh?  It’s time to get out, get some more inspiration, re-charge those imaginative/creative solar brain cells.

Hope you all have a day of re-charging and bags of fun too.


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