Christmas lights in Carnaby Street, London – December 2018

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I’ve been looking back at my shoots from last year picking out images that got overlooked at the time because they were not to the brief.

This one I absolutely love – I had a ‘that’s great’ moment when I took this image as I fell it was a good one. This does not have any editing done to it.

The other reason I like this image is because I felt it had a Sato Shintaro Night Lights feel to it. I love neon images and where better than London at Christmastime (or Japan) for this kind of image.

Hope you are all having a great Friday and have a super weekend. Peace x


Before and after shots…

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I wanted to share with you some of my off-the-cuff photographic experimentation and post-processing work.

This shot was taken at a creative desktop photography session last night where we were experimenting with different techniques and swapping ideas of different ways to shoot images.

This image was taken using a standard flash gun on top of my camera, the ambient light was low and my flash was on manual.

My workflow is to bring all images in to Lightroom, adjust the basics (lens correction, highlights, shadows, clarity etc.) and then ‘Edit in’ Photoshop for more advanced adjustments.

There was some background distractions which I wanted to remove. I used a portfolio box as the back drop as that’s all there was to hand. So I removed these elements in Lightroom and then tidied the areas up with the spot healing tool in Photoshop.

The crop was a little off because the label on the box behind would have interfered with the flowers and made it more difficult to remove if had I centralised the flowers on the background, so there is more room at the right-hand-side than the left-hand-side in the original image. I straightened and cropped the image in Lightroom.

I wanted a more romantic feel so in Photoshop I added a pink layer, used a hard light blending mode at 48%.

Saving the image back to Lightroom I added a light vignette and got rid of the flash reflections on the vase.

So here is the final image…..

Off Camera Flash

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I’ve been experimenting with off camera flash today….

This was for a number of reasons;

1) to understand the results that could be obtained by using my Yongnuo flash on its manual setting rather than TTL (Through The Lens),

2) the light quality was low today but I had seen some interesting shadows and wanted to replicate these but with more contrast;

3) I wanted to take some shots with my film camera so I used my light meter to assess the light and camera settings required and used these setting with both my film and digital cameras; and

4) in preparation for a talk I am giving at my camera club next week on artificial lighting techniques.

I used my Sekonic light meter to work out which flash settings I needed to achieve a correct exposure using an ISO 400 film, a shutter speed of 1/125 and to account for an f-stop appropriate to achieve a reasonable depth of field (say between f8 and f10).

Playing around with different compositions and shooting with my digital camera first to ensure I was happy with everything, when I found a good composition I took a shot with my film camera.

As an aside I am currently putting together my own dark room so the thought of developing my own films in the future is rather exciting.

Anyway I want to share my efforts with you, I give you… off camera flash and some bananas…

Have a great week all and when I have something more to share with you, I will. Peace!

Halloween in Hyde Park

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I am a little late in posting these images to my blog because I have been posting in general to my Instagram account instead; most of my output being images not words of late.

In case you want to take a look at my Instagram account it is: @misselisabethuk

That said, there are some words which need to be said on this particular topic so I’m back over here to my blog for the chatty bit.

Last year I completely missed the Halloween celebrations, work was full on (an update on this is still to be done) and I really didn’t feel like doing anything special, so this year I was determined to get involved from at least a photography perspective if nothing else.

Since joining Instagram and the Meet-up App, and after attending a few photography social groups I got to hear of a Halloween group shoot in London which sounded perfect being run by Rod Trusadi of Vizualography / Streetraitz.

These group shoots are great events because you get to meet a load of models and photographers in what I would call a photographic ‘orgy’ or if that analogy is too much for you – photography ‘speed dating’.

In a matter of hours you have photographed and networked with so many people, and got so many shots of the models that at the end you are completely knackered.  What it does do though is it gets you to think on your feet, as you don’t have much time with each model or there are many photographers trying to shoot the same model at the same time so you have to get creative with your angle of view and speed of execution.

This was the second of these group shoots I’ve attended and I have to say both times I have come away with some really great images.

So enough of the chat the first set of images I am going to share are of Sophie and a model that goes by the name of B3autiful_D3struction:

I also took some images of Sophie on her own:

I also had the pleasure of photographing Claudia:

I photographed a number of other models and will post their images in a subsequent post once I have gathered their images together.

Hope you like the above and I would thoroughly recommend a group shoot if you want a range of images from a range of models to either get practice or for your own portfolio.  Noting that one of the conditions of you attending these events as a photographer is that the models get images for their portfolios, after all that’s what collaboration is all about… right?!

So that’s me signing off for now.  Have a great week!!

EyeWake Product Review

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Following on from my previous post EyeWake Trial – Product Review…



Here are the results of the trial of the EYEWAKE Face Cream (30ml / 1.06fl.oz) covering the period from 28 August 2018 to 28 September 2018.

Note: the first two weeks I used the cream twice a day and thereafter once a day, which is more in line with my usual daily skin care regime.

It is also worth noting that I am in my mid-forties, drink alcohol occasionally, am a non-smoker but my diet is not great and I am a big tea drinker – this obviously has an impact on my skin.

Day 1 – 28/08/2018

This was the first day of using the cream (applied post shower and contact lens insertion). The cream felt thicker than the face cream I had been using prior to this trial, Simple’s hydrating gel cream.  Sometimes when I have used thicker creams I have felt my skin, once the cream was on, felt unable to breathe but this cream seemed to soak in pretty well without that heavy feeling.  For me this is a plus.

The texture out of the pot was of a heavy thick cream.  I used two finger tips to dip into the cream and this was enough for full face coverage.

IMG_0715 2

My main areas of concern are the eyes – now in my forties I have defined laughter lines (which is bitter-sweet) and eye-bags (due to years of lack of sleep).  My skin is patchy from sun exposure over the years but I do not wear make up on a daily basis, only on special occasions.

Day 14 – 11/09/2018

My skin feels more hydrated, some of the fine lines around my eyes are going and the eye bags are a little improved, I believe, due to the re-hydration of using the cream twice a day.  The discolouration to my forehead due to sun damage remains.

Day 31 –  28/09/2018

I think the once a day regime is maintaining rather than improving upon the improvements made in the initial two weeks whilst using the cream twice a day.  That said my face is not feeling dry at any point during the day so feels moisturised enough with one application.

The Company provides the following information on Amazon and it is this that I will now comment on as part of my ‘end of trial’ round-up:

  • RE-ENERGIZE SKIN FOR VISIBLY YOUNGER-LOOKING APPEARANCE – A rich & stimulating anti-wrinkle face cream to protect your skin from premature ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve your complexion and deliver the youthful glow you desire;

The difference in skin texture was subtle but I definitely think my skin is more ‘glowing’ and moist looking because of the hydrating effects of the cream, and the small lines at the corner of my eyes and in the middle of my brow have improved.  The trial period was still relatively too short given the Company’s intention is for you to use it over a much longer period.  I agree the cream feels think (rich) and has a nice consistency.

  • UNIQUE FORMULA – This distinctive, concentrated formula is enriched with premium ingredients including Hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10 which have been blended with pure essential oils, natural plant botanicals and natural anti oxidants to help give your skin a radiant appearance;

As mentioned above, the appearance of my skin became more ‘radiant’ and although more moist looking it did not feel greasy, in fact, the cream absorbs into the skin really well and does not feel heavy.  It has a nice consistency and neutral creamy aroma.

  • EASILY ABSORBED – With simple application to your cheeks, forehead and the areas around your mouth and lips, you’ll see correction to these signs of ageing in no time, helping you attain a smooth and brilliant complexion. A perfect base and primer for makeup;

As previously mentioned I do not wear make-up except for special occasions, that said I do believe that by using a good quality canvas the art work on top will benefit (using an art based analogy).  I have seen improvements in the small lines but think at my time of life maybe preventative remedies are a bit too late.  Although I have seen the benefit of using the cream.

  • MADE FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE – eyewake skincare products are never tested on animals and are made and manufactured cruelty-free in the UK at our state of the art laboratories. Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for Vegans;

I cannot comment on the manufacturing process but would say that my skin is pretty sensitive and I had no problem at all with using this product.  The cream felt nice to apply and had a faint creamy aroma.  I like the fact that this product is not tested on animals.  Also EyeWake claims they support the most vulnerable people in society through their partnership with Women’s Aid.   And that for every EyeWake sold a donation is made to help victims of domestic violence.

  • REDISCOVER YOUR CONFIDENCE – Stand up against premature signs of ageing with the most effective anti-wrinkle cream on today’s market.

The following comments cover areas which have not been reviewed above;

Price – I felt this cream was a bit on the pricey side, compared to other creams in the market that I would normally consider buying.  I estimated that to follow the twice a day regime you would probably have 5 weeks of application for a RRP of £22.95.

[PLEASE NOTE: the price of this product has since been reduced to £15.95 which makes this cream much more affordable – Link to Amazon’s product page can be found here. ]

Shelf Life – 24 months, after opening 12 months.  I couldn’t check the date of  manufacture to know if the 24 months had been exceeded or not.  As consumers of reputable goods we assume the products are being sold ‘in date’ but I couldn’t know for sure with this product…  I have seen these advisory’s on other products but not a differentiation between shelf life and after opening timescales.  And I’m not sure how to interpret it; does it mean the maximum life is 36 months (24 months plus 12 months) or 24 months in total?

Packaging – I like it.  The outer slightly textured cardboard box has a simple design with the right amount of information on it. The inner glass pot feels substantial with a frosted glass bottom, topped with a chrome screw lid.  Inside there is an additional plastic seal lid to stop the cream going in to the lid if stored at an angle which presumably aids ‘shelf life’.

Customer Services – The communications I have received from the Company throughout the trial process has been prompt, polite and I have no complaints.

To sum up:
Yes I believe the cream improved the feel of my skin and improved some of the fine lines around my eyes.  Would I continue to use the cream?   I think as a luxury item / treat I would buy this product again but not for an everyday face cream mainly due to price.


It’s HRH Sleaze II, baby… (part 1)

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HRH Sleaze II – Saturday 1st September 2018 – Main Stage

What an amazing weekend of live music put on by HRH Sleaze.  After attending last years event I knew this was a must for my annual calendar and this year did not disappoint.

This year I was armed with my DSLR to get some photography practice in and a willingness to share on Instagram what I was experiencing live.  Note to self: a longer lens is required for close up’s taken from the balcony of the main stage [next year!].

Tip: If you are thinking of going for the whole weekend paying the extra for the Royalty pass is absolutely worthwhile.  A Royalty pass gets you entrance to the Highway to Hell battle of the bands on the Friday night and unplugged/acoustic sessions by some of the bands on Saturday and Sunday before general entry.  It also gives you access to the balcony which has a good view of the main stage with seating and has two additional bars (without long queues).

So here it is, part 1 of the weekend’s Main Stage line up in photos, part 2 to follow…..  [Click on the band’s name to be taken to their Website or Facebook page.]

Midnite City – 17:00 – 18:00

“Hair Metal band from the UK signed to AOR Heaven Records. Formed in January 2017 by current Tigertailz front-man (and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company member and songwriter) Rob Wylde…”

These guys were going to be good given their front man.  I really enjoyed their high energy performance.  Would I see them again – Hell YES!








Last Great Dreamers – 18:20 – 19:30

“Last Great Dreamers with their distinctly British take on power-pop are probably the UK rock scene’s best kept secret. They built a formidable live reputation in the mid 90’s with their shimmering glam style…..”

This band took me back to my Marquee frequenting days, drinking in the Royal George and sleeping on Charing Cross Station, affectionately remembering the band’s Silver Hearts origins.  A solid delivery.







Wildheart – 19:50 – 20:50

“WildHeart is a Belgian hardrock/sleaze/glamband that could’ve come straight from 1984 to play their music today. Screaming guitar solos, catchy riffs, a lot of rock ’n roll and a high sing-a-long catchiness are key element to any 80s show and WildHeart makes no exception….”

This was a new band to me, who overall gave a good performance.  The energetic front man definitely brought it to the HRH Sleaze crowd.









Jetboy – 21:10 – 22:10

“Founded in 1983 by guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod, JETBOY continues to carry their style of Rock N’ Roll into the 21st century with the same fury that existed 25 years ago….”

I cannot believe this was one of the first appearances in the UK for this band – or did I catch that wrong?  Anyway – wow!  Definitely worth a listen – go check them out, now!









LA Guns – 22:30 – 00:00

“Three decades. Countless world tours. Millions of records sold.
L.A. Guns are legendary veterans of the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Since their eponymous album in 1988, these Electric Gypsies have constantly been delivering high octane unapologetic rock-n-roll — releasing iconic hits, unforgettable music videos, and touring non-stop all over the world….”

Another band of my youth LA Guns who I hadn’t seen in a couple of decades at least, took the main stage headline spot.  Tracii Guns as deft as ever on the guitar, at one point pulling out a bow to play (see photo below), and of course the charismatic Phil Lewis still totally rocking it.  Absolutely brilliant!


























Look out for my part 2 blog covering the Sunday main stage bands….

The Portrait Mission…

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On 11 August 2018 I was lucky enough to join The Portrait Mission on an Insta-meet portrait group shoot #tpmsummershoot.  Run by Josh and Sevi, this shoot consisted of about 40 photographers and initially 3 models which grew to 5 during the session, around the Shoreditch/Brick Lane/Barbican area of London.

I had never shot in most of the areas we visited before and found a couple of recognisable locations used in images I had seen on Instagram.  There are truly some amazing architectural landscapes to be found in these areas.

I would like to thank all the models involved for giving up their time, links to their Instagram pages are listed at the bottom of the page for your reference. And to Josh and Sevi for arranging.  I would love to organise my own shoot in this area of London in the future.

Below are a selection of my favourite shots from the shoot:



























New folder-2


New folder-3











Alex – In green #1



Alex –  In green #2


Alex –  In green #3

New folder-c

Olga – Despair














































Links to the model’s Instagrams:

Adricoste  – This lady was in the area and we cheekily asked if she would model for us, to which she agreed.

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