Welcome, alright, allo, watcha, MwaH etc.etc.

Ok here I am…. I’ve arrived in the world of Blogtasia.

It occurred to me today, after reading a friend’s Blog, that I was missing out on a new media opportunity and suddenly I had the urge to set up a Blog and start recording some of my thoughts.  Not really as a need for acceptance or for people to comment on my weird ramblings and suggestions but more to prove to myself that in this strange old brain of mine I have something worth saying…..

Those of you who know me and who have commented on my daily FB status about my cheery, funny and somewhat optomistic disposition at 6am, sometimes earlier, have made me think about who I am and where I am going in life…

A bit deep I know but stick with it….

To be honest I know in my mind I am a little different to most, in that the best day of the week is Monday, I find random amusement in everyday objects and situations, I feel like a teenager in an old body but feel a great pressure to be sensible and act my age, I could go on ….. but the point is why?

I have been told that we are the sum of all our experiences so my goal in life is to experience everything I can to help to understand who I am and how I fit in to this seemingly pointless life – I can only assume that it’s not about where we are going in life but that it’s all about the journey, the decisions we make, how we deal with those situations and how we interact with all the different people we meet along the way… You may disagree but personally I cannot think about life in any other way…

So as part of my life journey I have decided to Blog a little.  If I never receive one comment or even have another living being read this, it makes no difference … I am Liz … what you see is what you get… I am here…. Be prepared for one persons candid writings about the good ship Liz and all who have sailed with her…… this is…..

MissElisabethUK’s Blog – Welcome One and All!!! 😀


3 Responses to “Welcome, alright, allo, watcha, MwaH etc.etc.”

  1. al duncan Says:

    Hi Liz, look forward to reading your future blogs about..whatever!

  2. Nice… so who was the friend who inspired you to do such a great blog, I wish my blog was this good…

    • Cam, my man, your Blogs are great hun I’m jealous of you sitting every other Saturday morning in a well known brand of coffee shop, contemplating life, the universe and everything – I may even take that pastime up myself, if there was a decent coffee shop near me where I could watch the world go by, that is!!

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