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Let’s buy shoes……….. COME ON!!

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This is a whole new world to me!! It’s one that must have just clearly passed me by during my ‘playing with toy cars in the dirt’ kind of upbringing…. and that is the world of Shoes!! Not boots, oh no, shoes, real shoes – ones that actually show off more than just above your ankle… the real serious show off your toes, girly type shoes. And I have one particular friend to thank for this new-found shoe fetish, naming no names, you know who you are and it’s all YOUR fault!! ūüėÄ

OK, the whole footwear thing has been an issue for me since I was very small, remembering the pain of going to Clarks as a child and getting my feet measured for the latest “sensible, best-fitting” shoes. You had to have ‘these’ shoes otherwise your feet would turn out hideously deformed when you were older, or so the advertisers would have you believe…

Anyway during these torturous foot growing years I remember being dragged in to Clarks to face the bi-annual foot measurement check, I would race over to the girls shoe selection, having exactly what I had in mind. A pair of red patent leather ballet style shoes with ankle strap, grabbed them from the shelf and sat proudly, holding them like a trophy, on the padded stool waiting for the next available assistant.

The assistant came over and they would always ask “do you have any shoes in mind?” at which point I proudly showed the assistant the pair I had chosen and was going to have, big beaming smile on my face. Ok she said let’s get your feet measured…

I can’t exactly remember when the new electronic measuring machines came in but I do remember vividly standing with my feet on the footprint outlines as the assistant pressed my foot flat, then as she pushed the first button I watched the screen counting down to confirm shoe size… Next the second button that did the width fitting, and yes that was the point of dread – the line moved slowly in and didn’t even make the scale…. arrggghhh… off the scale. What did that mean?! They had no shoes that would fit me?!

The assistant would make a “mmm” sound and we would go back to the stool where Mum was waiting, the inimitable words, well she’s over a G fitting which limits the choice somewhat, at which point the same joke was made, “you might have to wear the boxes home”, *meh*. At this point I produced the shoes I had selected as my favourite and only choice and handed them to the assistant, who then said let’s go and look at some others so I can see what I have in your size. Reluctantly I would get up and try to find something else I liked. The assistant then would say helpfully, I’ll bring out all the styles we have in your size.

Now she approached me with 2 boxes, brilliant no sign of the red patent leather ones, rubbish what a waste of time I would think and they call themselves a shoe shop. A solid practical pair of T-bar shoes…. in brown and exactly the same style, in Black – my life with shoes was over……. Elisabeth aged 6 1/2

So yes you could say I’m a late footwear bloomer, none-the-less I have managed over the last few years to get over my feet phobia, almost certainly caused by my ingrained disappointment of footwear choice in my early years.

As a result of having this topic on my mind for a week or so, knowing that it had Blog potential, another concept entered my head and please don’t laugh as it is a bit of an off the wall concept but unfortunately one that I will have to live with now for the rest of my life, it’s about ‘shoe persona’. It occurred to me that certain pairs of shoes made me feel different when I wore them.

When a pair of shoes grabs your attention, as a woman we immediately go through the thought process – What can I wear them with? When would be an appropriate time to wear them? Are they going to be comfortable and for how long (a couple of hours/all day?!)?, amongst a string of other questions I’m sure, including what are their shoe persona…. no? ūüôā

Because of this thought process I started to name my shoes, well, more associate them would be more accurate with a persona, hence ‘shoe persona’ was born. I have one pair that when I wear them I feel like Tina Turner and whenever I wear them I break into a rendition of “Nutbush City Limits” and another pair that warrants a Beyonc√© “Hey you got me looking so crazy right now..” and they are not clown shoes… the list goes on.. So the question is… Am I looking so crazy right now?

I thank you for taking the time to read yet another mind-blowing Blog from the heart of LizWorld, I hope you have been entertained!!!

Please leave a comment, I love reading them…..


To fake or not to fake….., what was the question….?

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I had a little chuckle to myself the other day about, well I probably can’t reveal the specifics on here, but I was people watching as I do – it’s one of my most favourite pastimes…..

I can tell you I’ve had a few funny looks in my time.. oooppsss stared too much for that person’s comfort zone. From people’s appearance I try to guess what type of person they are, what sort of job they do, what their home would be like etc., to build up a mental image about the person. I do wonder whether any of my interpretations had any correlation to the “real” them, not that I would ever get to find out but it’s what I like to do as a “thinking” type.

Anyway, get back to the point Liz, ok well… There seems to be a fashion nowadays that encourages girls to be involved in what I like to call “Extreme Grooming”, sounds like a new sport but to be fair I can use this analogy quite well for the following reasons, like a sport:

1) it’s competitive,

2) it’s addictive and time-consuming,

3) it can be very expensive to participate in, and

4) there are plenty of eager spectators.

So what do I mean by “Extreme Grooming” you’ve probably guessed already, it’s the over indulgent way that some women enhance themselves to make themselves think they look “more attractive”.

I’m talking the works here people fake nails, fake tan, fake hair, fake eyelashes etc, the list goes on. What’s wrong with being a natural beauty nowadays? It worries me that girls are following a trend because they think men prefer this kind of look? I could share a lot more with you on this subject as I’m a true believer of it’s what’s inside that counts but I’ve probably said enough on this topic.

Also think about all the money wasted to create this fake entity, be who you are not what trends and fashion tell you to be!!

It would be interesting to hear from the guys on this one. Do you prefer your women real or fake?

…….. And I don’t mean just boobs (you men are so shallow!!) lol ūüėÄ

When obsessions get out of control… help me!!!

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Today I wanted to talk about obsession in general terms, although I will cover some personal specifics¬†just to entice readership, of course…¬† Just as a disclaimer, I have no training in this, the views on this page are purely my own from my own experiences and how I personally have dealt with anything that has come up in my life.¬† How I addressed a particular situation is not necessarily how you should address your obsession… phew!.. got that bit out of the way lol

So to kick this topic off, what is the definition of obsession:

ob·ses·sion //  (b-sshn, b-) n.

1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.
Ok so we all clear on¬†what that means, right?…. There are varying degrees of obsession, I think, but it’s how they manifest themselves to you and¬†how we¬†manage them¬†determines¬†whether they become a problem for you or the people around you.
There are differing levels of obsession… well to start with I would say you have the “healthy” obsession, this is the point at which something/someone takes your interest and your feelings encourage you to pursue and be interested in that subject.¬† It¬†gives you focus and resolve and a drive to pursue and accomplish.¬† I have found this when taking on a new challenge at work, got interested in a new band whose music I love or have had a deadline, which makes me obsess about; how I will get the job done, finding out more information on the subject and just generally take on a more than interested look at things – This can cause some sleepless night thinking about things but that’s another topic for another day.
So when does the “healthy” obsession turn into and “unhealthy” obsession and how do you control your feelings to prevent you from exacerbating the obsession you have?¬† This is bound to be different¬†for each individual based on what they are obsessing about, their past experiences etc. etc.¬† So more to the point how do I deal with it… well¬†sometimes well and sometimes not so well I have to admit but I have found that asking myself a few questions and doing a bit of a reality check really helps.¬† I ask myself, are you perceiving the idea/person/situation in the correct context?¬† What exactly is it about that idea/person/situation that is the key issue?¬† Take that key issue out of the equation and would you feel the same way?¬† Are other external influences having an impact on how you react to/perceive¬†this idea/person/situation?¬† Once I have asked myself these questions the obsession usually abates.
Most of my obsessions have¬†mainly been with people (men and women), self-image and work.¬† As a result I am constantly questioning myself about the choices that I have made and using my past experiences to judge any new situations I am faced with.¬† My very first obsession was with Michael¬†Jackson, it was in my pre-metal days and manifested in approx. 1987, to give you a year.¬† Teenage years are confusing and there are a lot of hormones are work.¬†¬†Some of the reasons I was obsessed with him as a person are still there and I don’t think they will¬†ever go away but¬†I just manage¬†them better.
The longest I have had what I would consider an “unhealthy” obsession for is approx. 3 years, it isn’t a nice place to be in many ways, emotions can be a very strong persuader of what you perceive is right and wrong and when your every¬†waking moment/decision¬†is controlled by your obsession you have a problem.¬† You may also not be able to confide in anyone about your obsession and it can go undetected, at the same time it is being fuelled by not being addressed.¬† All I would say to anyone who thinks they have an “unhealthy” obsession is that people are¬†more understanding than you might think, talk to someone about it, email me about it (a¬† trouble shared is a trouble halved) but whatever you do – do NOT do nothing about it!!
Until next time… stay happy!! ūüėÄ

Just for fictitious fun…..

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It’s Tuesday, time for some light relief…..

Get your laughing gear round this one……

And a¬† very good morning to one and all ūüėÄ

When is the time? Face, the facts!

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Here's looking at you kid!!There comes a time in every woman’s life when she realises her youth is slipping¬†away from her and that¬†she is edging slowly towards her “Golden Years”.¬† Although women are ageing better these days with good diets,¬†regular workouts, skin care regimes and dare I say it putting¬†themselves first more often, rather than putting all of their time into looking after their partner/children/family* delete as applicable.

There are many¬†phases a women goes through in her life and I believe I have been through a few of these phases already.¬† I¬† personally feel that they have been¬†exacerbated by the media, peer pressure, traditional values, and expectations of¬†family/friends who have¬†preconceived views of¬†a woman’s life and needs.

I believe it¬†is an¬†issue for younger women¬†whether they should have a career or a family, some will worry that they will never find “Mr/Mrs Right” and others will¬†just want to be young free and single without the pressure of “isn’t it time you settled down”¬†being put on them.

The question of having children is a big issue women face, mainly due to the obvious age limitations on having children but I have friends who have had children in their 40s and ones that have decided children are not for them, oh and ones who have changed their minds along the way lol.  It is great that women have the full range of choices open to them, which are all acceptable options.

Now for the controversial bit….

I believe that the more you know about how the world and life works, the better prepared you will be to have children and for the situations you will be faced as a parent.  Children benefit greatly from parents who have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the world, together with financial stability.

It saddens me when I hear of babies being born to girls who are mearly children themselves.¬† It worries me firstly that in today’s society it appears to be acceptable without question! Secondly,¬†it¬†worries me that the role of the parent is failing in the moral coding of our children, and lastly it worries me that this acceptance creates a trend¬†that is passed down to future¬†generations.¬† Bevaviour breeds behaviour.

Ok Children aside, tick tock tick tock…..

Once I hit my 4th decade that’s¬†when it occured to me that my past¬†could never be recaptured and that I really should get a move on to making the most of every day, that¬†I had left.¬† I always wished¬†I had a book that provided guidance on all of lifes situations I was going through – Look the problem up, get the solution, move on.¬† I also wondered why, when¬†we were all so well prepared through school on¬†education, puberty, sex ed etc¬†that no-one ever mentioned that when you got to your 30s/40s you would go through a “WTF is life all about” crisis.

I then¬†had the realisation that others were going through something similar and I¬†thought thank goodness it’s not just me………….

Emotional Musicality

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OK people – I wondered today about the whole music and emotion thang… but which influences the other most.¬† Does our mood influence the music we listen to or does the music we listen to¬†influence our mood.¬† I suspect both happen but which to a greater degree…?

This is not a very long blog¬†as I’m more interested in what my dear blog followers thought about this subject…¬† So what do you think?

Self Image/Body Image – Who the F@k are you anyway?

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My first real topic I guess would have to be about Self Image…¬†with a¬†sub topic of ¬†Body Image.¬† You may be asking¬†“Why? You look alright” ūüėÄ

Well, I will tell you why….¬† maybe by a manipulation of society over time, my strive to improve myself and¬†be¬†‘better?’ than I am, or some other mental process that only a shrink would be able to decipher….¬† the fact of the matter is that I¬†have developed a self-image obsession in particular to my body shape.

It’s not an unhealthy obsession as luckily I¬†use my almost Spock like Virgoean logic to keep the obsession from going any further,¬†however, I have days when I feel sad and frustrated if I do not meet my ideal for that day, so yes an obsession none-the-less but rated – mild.

On the up side, some days it gives me great amusement, as I stand in front of my bedroom mirror¬†(It’s not how I look in clothes¬†it’s my naked form that I obsess about) and think to myself, the reason I bought this mirror was for its house of mirrors effect – it actually elongates everything slightly and¬†what I’m actually seeing is a lie anyway… but you know what, it works for me (rock on Ikea!!) it allows me not to take the whole body image thing too seriously, it’s my reality check.

With any type of obsession¬†it’s important to have good friends around you who understand¬†and I am blessed to have some very¬†good friends.

Here’s the science bit…¬† Just wanted to¬†say that.. lol…

I was brought¬†up to make up my own mind about¬†things, anything pretty much went but¬†with the backing of a family¬†who was supportive and not dictatorial.¬† With that came the mental process I have today¬†of questioning everything using my own experiences to make a judgement… As you can imagine that has developed me into a great thinker, everything locked inside my head, considering every option logically¬†before I make a decision.

My closing thoughts, in my logical mind ‘captain’, are that¬†I think society puts way too much emphasis on how we look rather than who we are as people.¬† It would seem our values and moral code can stand for nothing.¬† We are all drawn into this fake concept of visual perfection.¬† Just remember no magazine photo is without a touch up here or there.¬†¬†So…

….Be who you are, be true to yourself and people will respect you for that and the ones that don’t are not worth your time anyway!!!

Peace and love!! X

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