When is the time? Face, the facts!

Here's looking at you kid!!There comes a time in every woman’s life when she realises her youth is slipping away from her and that she is edging slowly towards her “Golden Years”.  Although women are ageing better these days with good diets, regular workouts, skin care regimes and dare I say it putting themselves first more often, rather than putting all of their time into looking after their partner/children/family* delete as applicable.

There are many phases a women goes through in her life and I believe I have been through a few of these phases already.  I  personally feel that they have been exacerbated by the media, peer pressure, traditional values, and expectations of family/friends who have preconceived views of a woman’s life and needs.

I believe it is an issue for younger women whether they should have a career or a family, some will worry that they will never find “Mr/Mrs Right” and others will just want to be young free and single without the pressure of “isn’t it time you settled down” being put on them.

The question of having children is a big issue women face, mainly due to the obvious age limitations on having children but I have friends who have had children in their 40s and ones that have decided children are not for them, oh and ones who have changed their minds along the way lol.  It is great that women have the full range of choices open to them, which are all acceptable options.

Now for the controversial bit….

I believe that the more you know about how the world and life works, the better prepared you will be to have children and for the situations you will be faced as a parent.  Children benefit greatly from parents who have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the world, together with financial stability.

It saddens me when I hear of babies being born to girls who are mearly children themselves.  It worries me firstly that in today’s society it appears to be acceptable without question! Secondly, it worries me that the role of the parent is failing in the moral coding of our children, and lastly it worries me that this acceptance creates a trend that is passed down to future generations.  Bevaviour breeds behaviour.

Ok Children aside, tick tock tick tock…..

Once I hit my 4th decade that’s when it occured to me that my past could never be recaptured and that I really should get a move on to making the most of every day, that I had left.  I always wished I had a book that provided guidance on all of lifes situations I was going through – Look the problem up, get the solution, move on.  I also wondered why, when we were all so well prepared through school on education, puberty, sex ed etc that no-one ever mentioned that when you got to your 30s/40s you would go through a “WTF is life all about” crisis.

I then had the realisation that others were going through something similar and I thought thank goodness it’s not just me………….


3 Responses to “When is the time? Face, the facts!”

  1. Don’t worry Liz…looks like I’m 10 years too early but I’m having a ‘WTF is life all about’ crisis now (I don’t consider it a mid-life crisis though because I plan to live past the age of 52).
    Also agree on the moral coding of children…people seem to have them and not realise that those children need looking after, guidance and educating…so many kids run amok now and have no respect for anyone or anything around them!

    • Hey Richard, thank you for taking the time to comment on my Blog 😀 I think maybe the answer is to have a direction, purpose, a plan for life – Have some aims and goals and work towards them, that way you feel you are achieving something at least. I hope I’m not going through a “midlife” crisis either but if I die in my 70s after achieving all I had hoped to, then I will die a fulfilled and lucky woman. lol

  2. No problems Liz, it’s an interesting read. I set myself some goals for the first time this year…I have achieved 2 out of 3, the third is well out of reach (learning to drive) but if I can do my theory by Christmas, I will be happy with that. 🙂

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