Let’s buy shoes……….. COME ON!!

This is a whole new world to me!! It’s one that must have just clearly passed me by during my ‘playing with toy cars in the dirt’ kind of upbringing…. and that is the world of Shoes!! Not boots, oh no, shoes, real shoes – ones that actually show off more than just above your ankle… the real serious show off your toes, girly type shoes. And I have one particular friend to thank for this new-found shoe fetish, naming no names, you know who you are and it’s all YOUR fault!! 😀

OK, the whole footwear thing has been an issue for me since I was very small, remembering the pain of going to Clarks as a child and getting my feet measured for the latest “sensible, best-fitting” shoes. You had to have ‘these’ shoes otherwise your feet would turn out hideously deformed when you were older, or so the advertisers would have you believe…

Anyway during these torturous foot growing years I remember being dragged in to Clarks to face the bi-annual foot measurement check, I would race over to the girls shoe selection, having exactly what I had in mind. A pair of red patent leather ballet style shoes with ankle strap, grabbed them from the shelf and sat proudly, holding them like a trophy, on the padded stool waiting for the next available assistant.

The assistant came over and they would always ask “do you have any shoes in mind?” at which point I proudly showed the assistant the pair I had chosen and was going to have, big beaming smile on my face. Ok she said let’s get your feet measured…

I can’t exactly remember when the new electronic measuring machines came in but I do remember vividly standing with my feet on the footprint outlines as the assistant pressed my foot flat, then as she pushed the first button I watched the screen counting down to confirm shoe size… Next the second button that did the width fitting, and yes that was the point of dread – the line moved slowly in and didn’t even make the scale…. arrggghhh… off the scale. What did that mean?! They had no shoes that would fit me?!

The assistant would make a “mmm” sound and we would go back to the stool where Mum was waiting, the inimitable words, well she’s over a G fitting which limits the choice somewhat, at which point the same joke was made, “you might have to wear the boxes home”, *meh*. At this point I produced the shoes I had selected as my favourite and only choice and handed them to the assistant, who then said let’s go and look at some others so I can see what I have in your size. Reluctantly I would get up and try to find something else I liked. The assistant then would say helpfully, I’ll bring out all the styles we have in your size.

Now she approached me with 2 boxes, brilliant no sign of the red patent leather ones, rubbish what a waste of time I would think and they call themselves a shoe shop. A solid practical pair of T-bar shoes…. in brown and exactly the same style, in Black – my life with shoes was over……. Elisabeth aged 6 1/2

So yes you could say I’m a late footwear bloomer, none-the-less I have managed over the last few years to get over my feet phobia, almost certainly caused by my ingrained disappointment of footwear choice in my early years.

As a result of having this topic on my mind for a week or so, knowing that it had Blog potential, another concept entered my head and please don’t laugh as it is a bit of an off the wall concept but unfortunately one that I will have to live with now for the rest of my life, it’s about ‘shoe persona’. It occurred to me that certain pairs of shoes made me feel different when I wore them.

When a pair of shoes grabs your attention, as a woman we immediately go through the thought process – What can I wear them with? When would be an appropriate time to wear them? Are they going to be comfortable and for how long (a couple of hours/all day?!)?, amongst a string of other questions I’m sure, including what are their shoe persona…. no? 🙂

Because of this thought process I started to name my shoes, well, more associate them would be more accurate with a persona, hence ‘shoe persona’ was born. I have one pair that when I wear them I feel like Tina Turner and whenever I wear them I break into a rendition of “Nutbush City Limits” and another pair that warrants a Beyoncé “Hey you got me looking so crazy right now..” and they are not clown shoes… the list goes on.. So the question is… Am I looking so crazy right now?

I thank you for taking the time to read yet another mind-blowing Blog from the heart of LizWorld, I hope you have been entertained!!!

Please leave a comment, I love reading them…..


One Response to “Let’s buy shoes……….. COME ON!!”

  1. The shoe grip will get a hold of you eventually – resistance is futile 🙂 Loooook how lovely and beautiful they make your feet look… !I call them Happy Shoes xx

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