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Another year older….but another year wiser?

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It’s a time for reflection when you mark yet another year of your life has passed on your calendar.

Certainly an opportunity to look at where you are going and what you have achieved.  Some people do this at the end of the year and make new years resolutions to set their goals and aims for the coming year.  Others only look at their lives when there’s a significant life event such as a death or birth and some people never assess their lives at all.

I for one am a regular reviewer of my life’s journey and find it amazing that when you look at the events that have happened to you, you realise that actually your routine life of the same ‘day in day out’ monotony has actually been eventful, exciting, challenging and rewarding.  It’s easy to take daily life for granted but when so many wonderful things are happening around you, you should take the time to be more aware.

Over the last year I have grown in ways I could never have believed possible (apart from a little weight gain – it’s true) thanks to the people I have met along the way.  I have been inspired to take different routes which at the time seemed more risky but which actually returned bigger rewards.  To really develop yourself you need to push your boundaries, which of course will feel uncomfortable at first but trust me.

After a period of coaching from a work colleague I started to realise what my life was all about and I started to get some clarity and direction for myself.  I had been through a huge period of change in my job and at times thought I couldn’t go on to live a meaningful life, worthy of all the things I had and took for granted.

The coaching got me to see that I had something really important to give, to contribute to others and that I had the power in myself to reach the goals that I thought were never possible.  I also needed to look at things in a different way to produce a different result.

The emphasis I previously had of ‘doing a good job will get you recognised’ was not enough to promote the qualities I had.  Networking and helping people were as valuable a commodity as being very hard-working.  In fact, it’s been through networking that I have gained the most opportunities rather than all the hard physical work I had put into my role.

What does this show?  Well to me it proved that not only do I get personal achievement from working hard and getting the job done, I also need the networking aspect to my life, another thing which I very much enjoy but had backed off from as all my energies were being channelled into the ‘working hard’ part.

The personal growth over this period has been so great that I am now a mentor (not a mentee) via the Aspire Foundation ( , something I thought would never be possible.  The life path I am now on is far more rewarding, exciting and challenging than I thought it would have been a year ago and I am also helping someone to reach their potential too, what could be better than that?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my coach who remains a huge inspiration to me – Thank you!

I hope you all have a great day and remember we can all learn something from every person we meet, so go out and start networking!


Let it flow…. Let it flow…. Let it flow

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I had always been worried about letting my ideas flow out, just in case they were the only ideas I would ever have.

As a result, I treated them as precious possessions not to be let out of my sight or shared with others, selfishly savoured.

Over the last year, or so, I have realised that if you have a creative mind, you will always have a creative mind.

For me, it’s the barriers that life presents to my happiness that pushes my creativity out of the way.

The bottom line is that I have to trust that my creativity is still there even through difficult times and I need to have faith that I can continue to provide topics that people want to read, in a way that is true to myself and that hopefully contains a bit of wit.

Hope you are having a good evening!

F 1’n Dead

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Zooming, loud cheers, exciting,
foot on the pedal, hearts pumping.

Dodging the cars very fast as he speeded,
the thrill of the race, expectations exceeded.

“Faster!” shouted voices, elated,
skillfully steering, his triumph awaited.

Spectators whooping, urging him on,
an incredible flash and a crash, he was gone…..

Old, alone, without a phone…

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She sits in her chair, her breath grows heavy,
reaches for her water, misses, feels giddy.

She falls to the floor no strength to stop her fall,
now she’s lying on the ground staring up at the wall.

Her voice too weak to call for attention,
no-one to check on her, well, no one to mention.

Lying there quitely listening to her breath,
she closes her eyes, waiting for death.

It’s an olympic feat riding the tube!

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It was March this year that due to a relocation of offices I had my first experience of tube commuting on a regular basis.  Like all things new, it was amusing to see people’s behaviour as they waited then boarded the train, jostled for personal space and claimed available seats.

This got me thinking about the recent olympics and how the tube journey to work reminded me in someway of a competitive sport requiring great stamina, with each passenger looking for their small victory.

The last 6 months I have witnessed good, bad, competitive, submissive and under the influence behaviours.  It seemed to me that should you wish a lesson in human nature then the best place to observe this was on the tube.

In this blog, however, I am going to concentrate on the phenomenon which I call tube olympics!

so, I stepped onto the tube platform for the first time.  I looked up at the arrivals board and saw that my train was the third on the list, I stood back against the wall in a courteous manner allowing the passengers for the first two trains to have access to the front of the platform.

Those two trains came and went and as I stepped forward to take the front of the platform for my train the platform was already full.  Clearly some tactics were needed as my train left the station without me due to over-crowding.

“On your marks…..”

I devised a way of ensuring I got my train but kept some kind of respect for myself and others.  After a couple of journeys I had figured out where the tube doors opened at my destination station exit stairs and stood near this spot when catching the tube at my starting station.  I soon realised that I wasn’t alone and stood most mornings with others who were going to the same station.  This gave me some comfort in knowing that my plan was “normal” behaviour.

“Get set…..”

Next was the dilemma of where to stand on the tube, if you had a choice that is.  The worst thing about busy tubes is being squashed under a tall person’s armpit who quite clearly had been out on the beers the night before as they still smelt of alcohol and must have slept in an alleyway as their body odour was choking up the whole carriage.

My findings confirm that the best places to stand are (obviously a seat would be the holy grail, however), 1) at the carriage end with the window open, or 2) by the doors which open at your destination exit so at least you would get some air when the doors opened at each station and be the first out at your station exit.


We all know that heeled work shoes are exactly that, shoes that should remain at work so I invested in some “commuter trainers”, the comfortable footwear of choice, so I am able to maneuver and position myself quickly and accurately enough to execute my travel plan successfully, oh and to endure the long periods of standing too.

So, 6 months on, how is it going?  Well, I certainly don’t feel like I have won a gold medal or gained any sense of camaraderie with my fellow travellers but in some small way a victory has been made.  It takes resilience, patience, adaptability and control to make a tube journey everyday even for 6 months.

For those who do it day in day out for years, they certainly deserve some respect…. even if they do elbow you in the ribs as they push you to one side trying to reach that one empty seat before anybody else!  That’s the spirit, right?!


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Crossing the line…

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Jacket too big, skinny man, so small,
waiting for that train, your world so small.

What makes a difference to your life’s routine,
standing on the platform waiting for that train.

“Wait!”.  You hear it now chugging down the track,
too late, you step out, nothing left… just black!

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