What the Blog! Time flies when you’re having…. fun?!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I last blogged.  Although looking back it seems like a lifetime actually two years is not that long at all… is it?

When I read a couple of my old posts I was filled with very mixed emotions.  Happiness because faith in myself to be witty and relevant was restored but also great sadness for the last two years, I knew, had taken something away from me, part of me had been hiding under a bushel.

People say that to achieve personal growth you need to push yourself to the limits of your comfort zone and although at times painful, the benefits and learnings that come out the other side are worth going through all the pain.  The reward for going through the darkest of times, is the joyful and enlightened happy times which follow.

I consider myself to have travelled through one of the darkest times of my life over the last two years, however, I now realise that it was a time of immense growth on a personal level.

For my friends and family who have been through the journey with me and who have put up with a lot of bad behaviour on my part, I thank you.  You have been part of my personal growth and at times when things could have gone either way you persevered and continually gave your support, which has made me stronger.

So the outcome of my journey is now to get back on track, provide others with insights into what I have been through and what I have learnt as a result.  I aim to share with you my goals and aspirations and what I now look forward to as part of a happy and rewarding future.

So I would like to say welcome back to misselisabethuk, the future’s bright, together we can conquer all….. and we will!

Have a super Sunday and if you are feeling in need of support, I am here….


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