Another year older….but another year wiser?

It’s a time for reflection when you mark yet another year of your life has passed on your calendar.

Certainly an opportunity to look at where you are going and what you have achieved.  Some people do this at the end of the year and make new years resolutions to set their goals and aims for the coming year.  Others only look at their lives when there’s a significant life event such as a death or birth and some people never assess their lives at all.

I for one am a regular reviewer of my life’s journey and find it amazing that when you look at the events that have happened to you, you realise that actually your routine life of the same ‘day in day out’ monotony has actually been eventful, exciting, challenging and rewarding.  It’s easy to take daily life for granted but when so many wonderful things are happening around you, you should take the time to be more aware.

Over the last year I have grown in ways I could never have believed possible (apart from a little weight gain – it’s true) thanks to the people I have met along the way.  I have been inspired to take different routes which at the time seemed more risky but which actually returned bigger rewards.  To really develop yourself you need to push your boundaries, which of course will feel uncomfortable at first but trust me.

After a period of coaching from a work colleague I started to realise what my life was all about and I started to get some clarity and direction for myself.  I had been through a huge period of change in my job and at times thought I couldn’t go on to live a meaningful life, worthy of all the things I had and took for granted.

The coaching got me to see that I had something really important to give, to contribute to others and that I had the power in myself to reach the goals that I thought were never possible.  I also needed to look at things in a different way to produce a different result.

The emphasis I previously had of ‘doing a good job will get you recognised’ was not enough to promote the qualities I had.  Networking and helping people were as valuable a commodity as being very hard-working.  In fact, it’s been through networking that I have gained the most opportunities rather than all the hard physical work I had put into my role.

What does this show?  Well to me it proved that not only do I get personal achievement from working hard and getting the job done, I also need the networking aspect to my life, another thing which I very much enjoy but had backed off from as all my energies were being channelled into the ‘working hard’ part.

The personal growth over this period has been so great that I am now a mentor (not a mentee) via the Aspire Foundation ( , something I thought would never be possible.  The life path I am now on is far more rewarding, exciting and challenging than I thought it would have been a year ago and I am also helping someone to reach their potential too, what could be better than that?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my coach who remains a huge inspiration to me – Thank you!

I hope you all have a great day and remember we can all learn something from every person we meet, so go out and start networking!


2 Responses to “Another year older….but another year wiser?”

  1. Wonderful post.Your thought are like silky wave.Happy birthday .I look at the glass always half full.After suffering a heart attack.Every day is a new life.Have a beautiful day.Jalal

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