Give me a hand, writing with my handwriting

Recently I have found myself writing more on many different topics, from different emotional points of view, for different reasons (formal and informal) trying to develop a sense of writing for fun.

For a while now I have purchased a preferred brand of disposable ink pen as I thought this was the answer to my scribbling ways.  I enjoyed writing with this brand of pen and, therefore, I took more care over and pleasure in my writing – with great results.  I found, however, that I was slow at writing well with this pen, which is now only used for special occasions.

I needed to find a pen I could write with quickly to a reasonable standard, well, at least a standard other people could read if necessary.  In my search I came across a brand of biro distributed by Banner with an excellent ink flow/weight etc. for a budget price, which felt good – I was a convert!  So now I have a set of black, blue and red Banner biros with me all the time.

What I actually realised was that it wasn’t just the pen, although it helped, that resulted in my style of writing it was also my mood which influenced the results.  Different moods resulted in different variables such as holding the pen differently, writing at different speeds, more or less flamboyant lettering and some days I could accurately execute the writing of the letter M and the number 3 (which has plagued me all my life).

Half of this obsession with my writing came from an incident early in my career which left me scarred with the realisation that my writing style was never going to be the most fanciful elegant script or indeed legible most of the time to anyone other than myself (and sometimes even I had trouble reading what I had written).

For those of you wondering how I was scarred, I will tell you….  My very first job involved writing names and addresses on envelopes which I tried really hard at but felt embarrassed about doing due to my not so elegant writing.  I completed the task and thought I had done, in my opinion, a good job.  I arrived in the office the next day to find that they had all been re-written.  No-one said anything to me but I could sense an air of tension in the office.  I shrugged it off as I did with things like that when I was 18 but as you can see I still carry the emotional scar today, so it made a mark on me.

So with all my musings about my writing I have decided to do something about it and have identified it as an area of personal development and growth for me to work on in 2013.  I will never be the best, I know that, but if I can continually improve myself then that is good enough for me.

Hope you all have fantastic New Year celebrations and when making your resolutions, remember, they don’t have to be big.  Personal growth in any form is worth putting the effort in to.

Wishing you all a very healthy, prosperous and rewarding 2013!

Peace X

“Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.” Jules Renard


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