2013 : The start of something amazeballs…

Morning all,

So, here’s to the start of one of my resolutions for 2013, to write a weekly blog.  This is challenging for me on many levels.

It requires commitment, scheduling, focus and regular ideas.  Previously I had been a fair weather blogger, or blogged as and when the ideas hit me or time permitted but what is different with this challenge is that I am going to dedicate a specific time in my life to do this on a regular basis, for a whole year (2013).

Making time for something I had previously considered a luxury and a self-indulgent hobby now becomes a part of my ‘everyday’ life.  Quite a commitment considering the other things I need to cram in to my busy life, however, one I think important to follow for 2013.

I decided to schedule in Saturday mornings as my ‘time to blog’.  I am a morning person so this is when I am fresher to give 100% focus to this kind of task.  Please do watch out for my postings and please comment and share your experiences on any of the disciplines I am signing up to by taking on this task:  “commitment, scheduling, focus and regular ideas”.  Of course you are welcome to chat to me on any subject that you wish…

As I sit here listening to the classics on Radio 2 (yes Radio 2, it gets you in the end!) I contemplate what to write about in my first weekly blog and I guess the most obvious topic is 2013 and how it will differ to 2012.

2012 for me was another challenging year with changes aplenty but I realised towards the end of the year that a number of opportunities were lining themselves up for 2013 and although 2012 was a year with some difficult personal growth issues, my direction was actually becoming clearer.  The people I had met, the relationships I had forged, the opportunities I had pursued and the obstacles I had overcome were leading me to a new phase in my life.

I have always believed that we are the sum of our experiences and I had always considered myself to be on the naive end of the scale when it comes to life, but actually I had learned an immense amount over the years and hadn’t realised or given myself credit for it.  I believe that everyone you meet will teach you something, so my other realisation for personal growth was that networking is key to your personal development.  If this theory of learning something new from everyone you meet is true, then meeting lots of people increases your opportunity for learning significantly.  Go talk to a stranger today, you never know you might have something in common!

I put this into practice in 2012 and enrolled as a mentor on a mentoring programme with the Aspire Foundation and was matched with a complete stranger who had signed up as a mentee.  The Aspire Foundation is a charity organisation who aims to positively impact the lives of 1 million women and girls by 2015 – http://theaspirefoundation.org/index.php. It’s been one of the highlights of my 2012, the feeling of positively supporting someone with their work/life goals has been greatly rewarding and a friendship has also been formed, an unexpected bonus.  A friendship which wouldn’t have existed had I not been prepared to take the opportunity to give some of my spare time to a stranger!

To summarise, the only way you are going to understand the world better is by living in it and talking to its inhabitants.  There is great power and enjoyment in forming alliances and learning from them.  Also by giving your support, benefit of experience and free time can make a huge difference to someone and you too will benefit in ways you never thought you could.

As possibly one of the longer blogs I have written to date, I should stick with the programme and end my first blog for 2013 right here.  It’s been enjoyable and emotional.  Please do leave me your comments as I like to hear what you have been doing….

Until next Saturday (or before if I get an idea..) I bid you adieu and hope you have a great weekend!


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