So…. that was the week, that was…..

Morning, hope you are all feeling good today…well, what a week that was!

Certainly 2013 has decided to go in all guns blazing but so far it hasn’t materialised in to the obligatory showdown.

Second weekly blog of my 2013 goal and so far I’m still committed to the cause.  Although, when you have had a busy week and feel so tired you could sleep in until midday (although those days are long gone) it becomes a little harder to get motivated.

To help with my motivation, “what’s my motivation” I ask, I decided to treat myself this week and purchased a 7″ tablet, with the idea of blogging on the go, catching up with missed tv programmes etc.  I have a lot of dead travelling time, just under 3 hours a day now, so although a bit of an extravagance (I hardly treat myself and I mean really treat myself, anything over £30 is a big purchase for me), on balance I could justify the money spent on this gadgety gadget.

Back to the events of this week….

The first week back in the new year in any office is always hectic. The repetitive sounds of “Happy New Year” and everyone regaling stories of their christmas break and the adventures they have had with family and friends.

Some, however, were not so lucky spending most of their holiday time suffering from either flu-like symptoms or worse, being house bound requiring certain facilities to be on hand 24-7 (het hem).  Some selective hearing was required for those stories!

And then there were others, like me, who had worked over the Christmas period, so when asked whether I had had a good break I simply replied, “Well, it wasn’t really a long break, I was working”, all of a sudden I became some kind of leper, the conversation was cut short and they moved on to the next person with a story to tell.

It made me smile inside as I was all ready to tell them about the drama caused by a payment being made twice in error, the achievement of getting signoff on a project with a fixed deadline with limited signatories available and the excitement of putting a new process in place, whist they were drinking and eating to excess, but they didn’t really seem that interested.

By midweek the chat about the recent festivities had dissipated with the realisation that work had to be done and deadlines had to be met.  For me it was business as usual.  Although I did keep wishing the same people Happy New Year via email which probably annoyed them but was a source of amusement for me.

Wednesday was my Dad’s birthday so a present and card were delivered and another year noted, nothing special as he has a significant one next year.  Anyway, the anticipation of receiving my new tablet was excitement enough for me for one week!  I always wondered if people who have birthdays very near another significant celebration, especially the two biggest of the year Christmas and New Year, in some way feel that they lose out on either time, gifts, visits etc.  One day I’ll ask my Dad that question…

To finish the week off, and me, I had a mentoring meeting in preparation for a project due to start next week.  To my horror was told I am now giving a presentation, in part, to 28 secondary school children, so I now know what I have planned for the rest of my weekend!  They say it’s all in the preparation…. we’ll see.

Which brings you right up to date.  The prospect of next week is daunting but I’ve learnt a few things which will help; write a to-do-list (to keep focused), take one day at a time (priorities always change), smile when you really want to shout (better for your vocal chords) and don’t eat yellow snow (that’s worth mentioning if the weather forecasts are to be believed).

So this is me signing off for another week.  I hope you all have a great weekend and have a challenging, positive and productive week, next week.  Laters…


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