An unexpected encounter…

Week 11 and a chance encounter on a flight back from Edinburgh to London this week got me thinking further about how we interact with our fellow human beings.  The many opportunities we are given for human interaction every day, that pass us by (or me by).

I got to my aisle seat and the person in the seat next to me was already settled in his window seat.  This flight was usually full of business types, as this was a popular commuter route, but he was different, youngish and casually dressed.  He looked more like someone on holiday rather than a commuter.  He was charming and started his conversation with how cold I must have been in this weather wearing a skirt.  Well that was the ice-breaker.

We talked virtually the whole way back to London about jobs, opportunities and the way we looked at life generally.  Cup half full or half empty? and what constraints we actually had in our lives….  I noticed he was reading a book called ‘Change your life with NLP’ by Lindsey Agness and thought that maybe I was his guinea pig.  Was he trying out some of his new-found techniques that he had read about in his book?

Well whatever the reason was, it was a refreshing and engaging encounter, which made a pretty mundane flight interesting and full of life.  In fact, it was very inspiring to think that two complete strangers could spend an hour talking about life, swapping experiences only to part company, strangers once more, to continue their own personal life journey.

And I thought to myself how lucky I had been to be a positive part of his life journey and him mine.

Remember: Every connection we make with the people around us is an important part of personal growth (for you and them), a lesson for us all.

Have a great week and go connect with a stranger, you never know what you might learn from them or about yourself.


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