Normal Service has resumed….

Howdy, goodday, watcha, alright, howz it going? We must be week…. 14 now, how did that happen? (also covering week 12 and 13)

My reason for not blogging recently, plain and simple, was that I took some very well-earned annual leave!  Where did I go?  I went to Orlando Florida, USA.  And, what a holiday that was!

Not my first visit to the United States but this was a holiday with a difference it was fun-filled, action packed, by no means a restful one but one that I will never forget.

The main reason I think for anyone going to Florida is of course to take in the amazing spectacle and high adrenaline world of Disney.  A forever growing empire of immense proportions that you could only ever dream about reaching (or anyone could ever dream of reaching).

It was hard to think that I would be surprised by what I was going to experience as everything seemed to be so well documented on the internet already.  However, I have to say that the magnitude of the parks and the atmosphere once you were in there was unreal.  I was transported back to my childhood and felt privileged to be part of this care free, world of smiles, with fun at every corner world.

I was overwhelmed a couple of times by the scale of everything, it made you feel small and vulnerable like a child might feel but this was also mixed with a charge of extreme excitement.  Very surreal at times but a very positive experience.

I won’t bore you with a full itinerary now but I will post some extras over the next few weeks to give you a flavour of what I got up to.

To say Disney was the only reason for going to Florida would be wrong, we also went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, where the great Harry Potter ride had to be done – twice!  It was amazing to see how popular this sector was, now a world-wide phenomenon – a big high-five to J K Rowling and her UK roots.

With a trip around Kennedy Space Centre included too (feeling like a miniature in a world of giants!)  The KSC tour was excellent and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Of course holidays are also a time for reflection on your life, whilst away from the daily hub bub of ‘normal’ life.  It gives you a fresh look at your goals and aims and sometimes a new perspective on what you are trying to achieve.  It is also a necessary time to re-charge those batteries (physically or mentally) so you can come back fighting! (So to speak).

Well that’s it from me for another week.  Keep smiling and remember life is just one big rollercoaster, keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times and have fun!  Stay safe and happy! X



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