Week 14…. positive mistaken identity

This week has definitely been a week of personal progress, with an enjoyable positive outing with a friend and targets hit at work my motivation levels were up.  So I wanted to share with you something that happened to me this week, which on reflection was another personal growth moment.

Accosting a stranger (in the non-solicitous sense, obviously)…..

The first time it happened, a while back now, I mistook a man for a family member (seriously!).  I greeted him with something like “fancy seeing you here..”.  Now if I had addressed him in such a manner anywhere else other than at a station ticket machine it would have definitely been mistaken for a cheesy pick up line!  We both realised very quickly that clearly we didn’t know each other and after an apology given and accepted we carried on with our lives as if nothing had happened.  I was so embarrassed I had to put my head down and walk away very quickly, telling myself “that he DID have an uncanny resemblance to the person I thought it was”.  Almost coaching myself through the shock of the whole experience and not really thinking about how I may have affected the other person.

This week another mistaken identity situation happened, I quickly said “Sorry I thought you were someone else” they laughed, I laughed and we walked our separate ways.  It didn’t help that this time it was NOT just a “Hi, how are you?”.  I was so sure that this person was who I thought it was, I went in with “Chatting up young men, again!” as she stood with a tall young man.  Ok, so, I probably apologised more than once on this occasion and thankfully her laughing meant she wasnt going to call the police.  ‘Mistaken identity eh?!’, I thought.

The embarrassed feeling this time, however, didn’t last as long as that first time.  I came to terms with what had happened a lot quicker, the recovery from the incident seemed to pass almost immediately, so it got me thinking…

How does a distraught experience first time round actually become a comfortable feeling in the end, speaking to a complete stranger for no reason, and thinking there’s an opportunity to make new connections here.  From a first case of mistaken identity to maybe a mechanism for easily starting up a conversation with someone you do not know.  By engineering that first contact by using the method of mistaken identity, where people are more likely to be open-minded as they were not the person you were expecting them to be, could give us all an opportunity to make new connections. Definitely a less confrontational way of approaching someone and depending on the person’s response you could at the last-minute decide to pursue or bail out.

The moral of my story is that first experiences however awkward they may feel at the time can become a more comfortable situation.  The more you experience the same situation, the more you can acclimatise yourself to that negative feeling so in the end it doesn’t feel so bad.

This can translate to all parts of your life, just remember the first time is the most special it opens a door to a whole new opportunity/possibility.  So instead of feeling awkward, feel achievement that you accomplished it.  Think how you can use this newly gained positive energy to propel yourself forward to your next first.

Have a great day and please do share your firsts with me, my door is always open..


One Response to “Week 14…. positive mistaken identity”

  1. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmai.com Says:

    Beautiful post.Always first impression doesn’t give the whole picture about a person,but when you get to know him/her ,you change your mind.Thank you for liking my post ( Years…..) have a great Sunday.jalal

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