A sore shoulder welcomes week 16!

I turn over in bed and the pain in my shoulder rips through me.  I yelp with the sharp feeling that stabs into my shoulder-blade.  Ouch!  If only I had not over twisted and trapped a nerve, then I wouldn’t be lying here wishing the paracetamols I had taken would ease the pain, even to some small degree…….. but they were not.

This was the reason for my Blog being delayed and so I apologise to my regular readers that you have had to wait so long for the next instalment of – 52 weeks in the life of MissElisabeth.

So it has taken me a number of days to get myself back to feeling better again and now that the numbness and pain in my shoulder has disappeared I can once again set to the task of sharing with you a couple of things that happened to me last week.  I had my second music lesson which went really well.  I have managed to get back into the swing of it all quite quickly (something I was hoping).  Learning the notes and rhythms and playing with the right and left hand together.  With the first piece to a reasonable standard (although still being practiced) I have been tasked with a second more challenging piece using chords for the left hand instead of individual notes.  Only time will tell whether I rise to this challenge or not.

Just as a little treat for you all I thought I would throw in a little bit of music theory…..  How do you work out major and minor chords?

A major chord has 3 notes, with an interval between the first and the second note of 4 semi-tones and an interval between the second and third note of 3 semi-tones e.g. C Major = C, E, G.

A minor chord also has 3 notes but has an interval between the first and the second note of 3 semi-tones and an interval between the second and third note of 4 semi-tones. e.g. C Minor – C, Eb, G.

I appreciate that you may now be thinking, what is a semi-tone? what is C etc?  So I apologise now if I have raised more questions for you than have solved….

Ok so music aside for a moment, I had another chance encounter on the tube last week.  I must have one of those faces that invites people to speak to me.   Actually I don’t mind speaking to anyone, which is probably why I am approached.  Who knows, anyway.  We shared commuter stories and just spent the 15 minute journey chatting about this and that.  We arrived at our destination station and then parted company as quickly as we had met.  I wondered what this encounter had been for, what was I to learn from it, to find a reason for why this brief connection had happened but in the end I figured it was just an interaction between two people passing the time and….. I was ok with that.

Here’s wishing you a great week and some enjoyable random encounters!


2 Responses to “A sore shoulder welcomes week 16!”

  1. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com Says:

    Good to see you back.jalal

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