Happy belated week 17…. gone but not forgotten

It occurred to me today that we are a third of the way through 2013 already, how is that possible?  I have always heard older people say that the older you get the quicker time passes but I now think that is probably because you try to cram more into your days than you had done previously, as the end of your life is nearer than it was.

Scientifically it’s impossible to speed up time (if you have proof to the contrary I want to hear from you!).  The closest I have got is that I have heard that years shorten in length by a second or two over 100s of years so maybe time is getting shorter, not sure how we prove this….Hmmm.

Anyhow, I do know that the weather is getting crazy, one minute there’s snow the next its sunny, wardrobe rotation must be a headache for those who still do this.  I personally am not very creative with my wardrobe and boots and black attire are all year round fashion items for me, however, it is nice to be able to vary what you wear even if you do get to the office and still freeze due to the air conditioning.

As I alluded to earlier (as above) its week 17 (well it was when I wrote this) already and I’m a third of the way through my 52 weekly blog commitment and although I have fallen off the wagon a few times. I think I am finally getting into the blog groove.  It takes a while to form a new ‘habit’, weeks so I have heard so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s only now that I feel comfortable with the thought of a weekly blog.  I thought it would be hard to find things to write about but as I have kept myself über busy there has been no end to subjects I could have written about which has amazed me to be honest.

Also as my blog has grown and I’m finding more people reading my weekly posts and being interested in my warblings I am starting to feel a bit more responsible for the subjects I am writing about, not sure why this is as most of it comes from the heart, it’s who I am and always will be so I shouldn’t make no apologies for this, yet a sense of responsibility still remains.

With this responsibility in mind…. Monday started well I had a follow-on session with the eleven year old children I had previously run the cv session for in week 15.  The session was on interview skills and assessment.  I was encouraged by the thought process these young adults went through and I felt the school was doing a great job at preparing them for securing their first job.  A very difficult time where companies focus on high quality candidates and those who can demonstrate why they should be selected over the other candidates.  Nothing like my day when the job market was a lot more fluid.  I hoped I had helped them in understanding the process to make them better prepared for the next phase of their lives in securing their first job.  Of course some of them will go on to university but good interview skills will always be invaluable and if not used now will be at some point.

I also found time to catch up with an ex-colleague and friend, it was a lovely evening spent in a train station bar (on my way home from the office) enjoying a couple of ciders.  It made me think that the connections we make, however often, are a thing to be savoured and enjoyed like a nice sweet cider….. And I can fully recommend a bottle of strawberry and lime Rekorderlig (http://www.rekorderlig.com/uk ).

So now my mind turns to week 18, which was a totally busy and tiring week but more on that tomorrow…. watch this space!


2 Responses to “Happy belated week 17…. gone but not forgotten”

  1. Tracy Enright Says:

    It must be hard going into the job market these days. I’m just glad they are actually teaching kids something useful about this at school.

    • Thanks for your comment Tracy and welcome to my blog. I’m pleased that these skills are being covered, but then I do have a vested interest in the future generations ability to work to live. So when I was given the opportunity to volunteer to cover this subject, I obviously jumped at it.

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