All Cows Eat Grass…. (otherwise known as week 18)

And so to week 18…… All Cows Eat Grass

A very famous acronym for the bass notes which sit in between the five lines on sheet music, I’m sure there is a more technical term for this….

Well this got me thinking not only about cows and an idyllic scene of them eating grass on a bright sunny spring day, but that there is something structured about life and that ALL cows do eat grass. Their ability to do so is courtesy of a 4 chambered stomach system which allows them to digest such a fibrous substance.

What other certainties are there in life?  Well apart from the usual death and taxes, day follows night follows day etc. you certainly cannot function as a human-being without sleep, without air, without water, and eventually without food.  I have heard that in general terms, for the last three quoted, that you couldn’t live for more than 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food – something I felt too extreme to investigate personally but for some people this is a daily reality.

I cannot imagine living day-to-day wondering where my next drink or meal was coming from but for some people this is their life to survive. It must be all-consuming if your life evolved around these fundamental things day in day out.  [A moment of silence]

Thankfully I do not live hand to mouth and week 18 was extremely busy.  It started with a family wedding, followed by a significant family birthday.  What a weekend that was.  It did provide the realisation though that I only get to see the whole of my family when these events happen and that most of my family are now married (well the ones that will be that is) which means the next time we catch-up could well be a funeral *shudders at the thought*.

On the work front I have spent a big chunk of my week process mapping. Which has left my very brain tired from all the talking I have had to do. I now know how teachers must feel after a full days teaching.  I suppose its like any job or hobby though you build up a stamina in your art, so it does become eventually easier.  I knew pretty early on in life that I had a quiet voice and so I couldn’t do any type of public speaking without a mic!

To sum up, a busy but reflective week 🙂


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