Investments, Networking and a Witch

I am on my way to investment training today, a subject that only excites me on a very basic level…. I have some money and want to spend it but know I have to save some for the future….

Instead of the rudimentary basics, this is full on investment risks, assets, diversification, active and passive management etc., so I think I will need to be listening carefully and not have my mind wander to looking at what suits people are wearing and whether they polished their shoes (that kind of thing, I love people watching).

There was by my estimations an 80% chance I would be the only woman on the course so it will once again be ‘smoozing’ with a group of middle age (whatever that is supposed to be nowadays but don’t get me started on longevity) men who get excited about figures.  Good job I wore my smartest business dress with high heels lol

So I am on a different train today which is very busy and we are all crammed in, luckily I have a seat for my long (or short depending on your point of view) hours journey and so some serious blogging can be done.

I have a another music lesson tonight and I have to say I have not practiced at all, my bad to coin a phrase.  There has been a lot going on with a bit of sleep deprivation thrown in so that will be my excuse to my teacher, not that she probably cares as long as she’s getting paid =)

Fast forward to the next day….. zzzzzziiiiippppp……

The investment training was actually very good it answered a number of questions that I had, that’s for sure.  And I was nearly right about the percentage of women in attendance – there were 6 of us out of about 50 (just over 10%).

Talking about figures this reminds me of one of my first stage performances as a witch in a primary school production, the name of which escapes me at the moment but I had some excellent one liners.  One in particular which followed a line asking one of the princesses what size she was, the princess answered a 12 and then came my line “Well I’m a medium myself” – classic.  This was the same play that had a character called ‘Sir Spender’ which went over my head back then but now I see the funny side…. obviously.  It’s amazing what memories flood back when you least expect them.

Well, enough of these shenanigans.  I shall leave you with that thought and hope you have a super week – enjoy!


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