I know that it will happen….

…cos I believe  in the certainty of chance.  Lyrics courtesy of The Divine Comedy – A Secret History – Certainty of Chance.

Week 23 and there is positivity in the air for new projects, new beginnings, new connections, new perspectives and new opportunities.

The weather has improved in the UK and I find that when the weather improves the mood of the people improves, it must be the increase in vitamin D or the fact that we can wear summer dresses and sandals (talking from a girls perspective of course).

This week there has been a lot of suggestion that environment around me is changing and I need to make changes too to keep in with the positive flow of change.  It’s great when you realise this at an early stage as it means you can be proactive and ask questions about how the change is likely to affect you and sometimes have input into the change.

Nothing lasts for ever and it’s important to embrace what happens around you so you do not get caught up in the emotion of the moment.  Take a step back and assess your situation from a ‘person looking in’s perspective to get a different view of why things are changing.  You can usually identify the catalyst for the change and if you can rationalise the reasons for it you can make a better assessment of what you need to do for yourself in the situation.

Some change is forced upon you and so you will need to find the positives out of it for you.  It’s unlikely you will be able to control whether you will be affected or not, you are being affected, but you can make some decisions for yourself.

One thing is for certain, the change will happen and it will pass but out of it a new beginning will emerge.  New beginnings bring new opportunities, new projects, new connections, new perspectives……

Embrace the change and it will introduce you to a new view of your world.  Have a great Saturday and a super week ahead.


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