Mortality, Morality and Fear….

I hit a wall this week (week 28) mentally not physically.  A period of contemplation and reflection, a look at the past 6 months and thinking about the next 6 months.  About morality and mortality, about community and friendships.  As you can imagine that made for quite a busy week right there!

After having a few deep discussions about ‘why we are here?’, ‘what is our purpose in life?’, ‘how long will we be here on this mortal plane?’ it brought together a number of very difficult questions to answer.  Some questions which may never be answered and some which will be different to each person it is asked of.

I think what I got out of all this questioning, so far at least, is that it’s important to question yourself, to understand who you are and to know where you are going, your goals and aims in life.  Also that these things change over time and at different points or crossroads in your life, so it is important to keep asking yourself the questions ‘Who you are?’ and ‘What do you want?’.  I think it is only through doing this that you can focus yourself and not let the years run away from you without any action and/or direction.

I have also realised personally that I have been purposefully not progressing things for myself in some sort of fear that; I know by making these changes my lifestyle will change and, I feel comfort in keeping with what I have, what I know.  But I also know that without making these changes I will not be giving myself the best chance of moving to something bigger and better.  It’s time to dispense with the fear and make a move.

Have a great week y’all


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