It was inevitable…. but let the exercise commence

Dear all, welcome to week 34 (also covering week 33, so you could say you are getting a 2 for 1 offer this week!)

I don’t know if you remember one of my previous posts on vision boards, where I posted you a picture of mine…  If not here is the link:

Anyhow, it’s taken me a while to get up and running on this, one of my vision board items, but yesterday was the start.  I am so proud I managed to get myself focused and start what I am going to call my ‘get a six-pack plan’ – the left hand side of my vision board ‘Health and Fitness’.

Why did I choose now to do this?  Well, I have a weeks annual leave for one thing so I thought I could start to embed an exercise regime into my day, initially without constraint.  After a week I would clearly know how much time certain exercises would take me to do and hence know when the best time to factor them into my day would be.

I used to consider myself a very fit person but after a knee injury, which left me disheartened and in pain for at least 6 months, the exercise regime went out of the window and I settled into a life without any exercise apart from that gained by the daily commute and the odd swim.

I also thought that now this 30-something was pushing towards a new decade in her life, I really should get a grip of a healthy lifestyle sooner rather than later which would see me through the changes I would be facing in the remaining time I have left on this planet and hopefully lengthen it somewhat if possible – too much to do and so little time in which to do it (a common problem).

Working in the field of Pensions it has made me think more about lifespans (longevity) and the changes to retirement expectations and what with retirement ages increasing you have to keep yourself healthy enough to at least live long enough to see your supposed retirement.  Gone are the days of Final Salary pension schemes and Retirement at age 50 like the golden generation had.

So it’s time to get fit again.  I’m currently on day two of the ‘get a six-pack plan’ so early days but I intend to keep a diary of the exercises I am doing and will share these with you intermittently to record progress.

I do not intend to do anything different with my diet at this stage, my weight has been stable for a while so I think by increasing my fitness and exercise the amount of calories I am currently eating will become insufficient and so I will naturally lose weight.  I have a very interesting relationship with food, in that I love it and would happily eat anything and everything every day, so I have had to be disciplined which I think is now embedded.  So I will not focus on this aspect initially.

I would be interested in hearing anyone else’s experiences they have had with exercise and/or food.

Until next time, stay fit and healthy!


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