As I sit here and think…

…..Week 36 has been a tough one.  And when I say tough I mean tough purely in a work context, with very challenging deadlines.

The result of this challenging week is a weekend feeling rather tired and if I’m honest a little down.  Energy levels are low and any inclination to do anything today has been severely compromised.

And so to a quote from the film Mary Poppins (1964), one of my favourite films:

Bert: Well it’s about me granddad, see, one night he has a nightmare. He was so scared, he chewed his pillow to bits. Bits. In the morning, I says, “How you feel, Granddad?” He says, “Oh, not bad. A little down in the mouth.”

I enjoy having moments of quiet contemplation, sitting and just thinking (and I am a great thinker – not of great thoughts, well maybe I have the odd one, but of thinking, a lot).  It helps to reflect on and appreciate personal growth, which passed you by whilst you were experiencing it.

So what do I think I have learnt about myself this week?   That I need to be:

– less absorbed in work at times and enjoy what’s going on around me, and
– be firmer about what I want and how I want it.

I have found that it’s important to have your own opinion (which is different from being opinionated), that you need to drive your own personal goals (which are separate from any Company’s), networking is one of your keys to success and it is unlikely you will get all the experience you need from one place so look out for volunteering opportunities which add to your skill set and get involved in projects which provide diversified and varied experiences.

Your long-term goal will be made up of lots of short-term goals – stepping-stones to the end game.  Some of those short-term goals will be hard to achieve and some you won’t enjoy doing, but once each one is complete it’s on to the next goal and a step closer to your ultimate goal.

Here’s to short-term goals and their significance in reaching the end game, to quiet contemplation and reflection and also to having a laugh from time to time (life would be very boring otherwise).

Until next time I leave you with another quote from the film Mary Poppins (1964), which compares an office to a cage (not much has changed since 1964):

Bert: They makes cages in all sizes and shapes, you know. Bank-shaped, some of ’em,


2 Responses to “As I sit here and think…”

  1. Some deep thunks there. Reading this has made me realise that, whilst my short term goals are pretty clear, my long term ones are a little fuzzy. Methinks I need to attach some measureables to them.

    • I worked with someone a couple of years ago who continually asked me what my long term goals were. I found it annoying at first as I had none, then I started to worry that I didn’t have any, then I got some and stopped worrying. Personal growth is a funny thing.

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