An Autumn Spring Clean…

Much activity is being had this weekend, after yet another very busy week at work (week 39).

I should get used to this working life busy-ness and take it now as the norm, lower my energy level expectations, but still I seem to be amazed at how much work needs to be done and how productive you need to be consistently, just to keep the cogs of business turning.  Although if I was bored I’d be complaining too.

The Autumn spring clean started well, lots of enthusiasm; sorting, cleaning, throwing things out, preparing stuff to sell etc. etc.  Then comes the realisation that you just have too much stuff, you stand back and survey the task ahead and all of a sudden the energy gets sucked out of you as though you were attached to a hoover (don’t try this at home kids!).  Sorry I should say Vacuum Cleaner, funny how some brands just infiltrate your world and become the common noun for something.  Well done Hoover!

Anyway… I now have a back room which has turned into a dumping ground (or war-zone if you will) for all those things that need either throwing out, fixing or passing/selling on.  As well as it being my laundry room and work out room… there is no hope of using this room for anything until the ‘stuff’ has gone.  But now a huge task lays ahead of me and mentally, an even bigger mountain to climb.

So a plan needs to be put in place, a full-on military style – let’s keep the emotions out of this – kind of plan, otherwise I will be a room down (rather than a man down) for quite sometime.  I will say goodbye to my family and friends and all the creature comforts I love to enjoy and as I enter the room I will utter the inimitable words “I’m going in!”… never to be seen again…

And that my friends is a plan for another day… time for a cuppa and a crumpet with butter.

Have a great weekend!


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