Let’s get ready for Halloween….

Ok, so, Halloween is a little way off yet but as I am usually the wizard of last-minute organisational wonders (ok chaos at times) I decided to break the mould this week and plan for Halloween.  I know this really is a scary thought!!  Week 41 enter at your own risk… MWUHAHAHAHA.

Last year was a complete disaster resulting in an evening with the lights switched off, earphones in, blinds closed and the battery being removed from the doorbell – I know extreme but also very embarrassing, however, the trauma obviously still set in my mind I set to work organising a Halloween tea.

I designed an invite which in my opinion was a fair attempt in the time I had to rustle one up and emailed it round close family and friends.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times so to create something quick and get it out there was another big step for me.

My costume has been ordered and if you have read my previous post ‘Investments, Networking and a Witch’* I took my inspiration from a character I played once at school.

so for Halloween Matthew** I am going to be………… a witch!

There are actually loads of ideas out there for Halloween but I’m not going to sit here and tell you what you could do if you are holding our own party, however, for any party you need good food, good company, a bit of fun and an element of surprise – so that is what I am working on achieving!

Hope you have fun too on Halloween (if you celebrate it) and remember make sure you (and your kids) stay safe when Trick or Treating and if someone hasn’t got anything in their windows to show they are celebrating Halloween, save them the embarrassment and don’t knock!

Until next time…..

* (https://misselisabethuk.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/investments-networking-and-a-witch/)

** This is a reference from a UK show, Stars in their Eyes, presented by Matthew Kelly where members of the public who sang like well-known popstars would be made up to look like their popstar hero and appear through a smoke-filled doorway revealing their transformation.  They would then battle it out with others to be crowned sing-a-like of the year – or something.  The winners would then go on to have a glittering career performing in pubs, clubs and on cruise ships, forever trapped in the body of their popstar icon.


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