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Taking a break from writing by blogging wtf?…

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Evening one and all.

Hope you are having a lovely evening whatever you are doing on this slightly moist Friday night near London – England, possibly Saturday if you are in another time zone which is  ahead of London.

I am blogging tonight, funnily enough to have a break from writing a book I tasked myself with, and to write it in a week.  I had no idea when I set myself this challenge (at 4am one morning after waking with a ‘bolt out of the blue’ idea for a book) whether this was even possible.  It sounded relatively easy in my head but I soon realised that on my week off there were other things I wanted to do and didn’t want to just sit at a computer tapping away.  Something I do in my day job, which I was supposed to be taking a break from.

However, the challenge was set.  So I decided I should find out how many words I needed to write to fill this book I was going to write.  I didn’t go to university so have never written a dissertation, the job roles I have had have been mainly maths based so I have never had to write a  report or anything more than a set of minutes for a meeting.  So when I found out I needed to write between 20,000 and 35,000 words I almost decided to give up.

I haven’t given up but I also know now that it will be almost impossible for me to complete the challenge I set myself in the time given.  I will give it my best shot obviously at getting a first draft together and then see what extra time I need to review and pull it all together.

The learnings from this experience so far for me have been:

– it is right to challenge yourself to do new things or push yourself further in a familiar field but be prepared to adjust your thinking as new information becomes available,

– if doing something for fun, do not push yourself so hard that the thing you were doing for pleasure becomes ‘an elephant in the room’,

– and lastly, ideas that come to you at ‘silly o clock’ in the morning really can be a gift, go with it.  You never know where it might lead you.

That’s me signing out and going back to the book writing.  Have a great evening.  Peace!


Running for my life….

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I recently looked back at some of my previous posts and realised that I have been bleating on about getting fit since August 2013:

It’s the start of my ‘Get a six-pack plan’…

So I thought an update was in order.  I have to admit there is still no six-pack…. yet!

In April this year (2014) I actually embarked on my most serious attempt to get fit in the last few years and started running.

Now that some time has passed and I have managed to maintain at least 1 reasonable run a week for a while, I have some data to work with to see whether the training is working and whether I am benefitting at all from this increased physical activity.

When I decided to start running I was very excited and eager to get going, and to do well.  At that point I did not know what my ability for running was, if I had any at all.  Nevertheless I was keen to give it a go and had the support of a friend who was proficient in running already, which helped greatly.  I uploaded an App (as you do nowadays) put on my trainers and headed for the local park.

I ran just under 1.5km that first time and realised I was capable of doing more than that.   So the next time I went out I aimed for 3kms which I managed and ran in just over 23 minutes.  Not bad I thought and got the running bug.

Now addicted I went out and bought some running trousers which would also hold my iPhone whilst I was running.  I prefer not to hold anything in my hands when I am running.  I found a pair of Hind long leg running trousers which are really comfortable.  After using them for a while though the position of the pocket in the back where I put my iPhone was causing me back pain.  I think because the phone was knocking against my back whilst running, so I needed another solution for my phone.  I then bought a light waterproof running jacket, which promised a pocket where I could put my phone but on receipt it did not have the pocket as advertised so I was back to square one.

Unfortunately I got a foot injury about a month in to my running and I had to give running a rest for a couple of months until it had properly healed but in that first month (April/May) I had clocked up 45.3kms, which wasn’t bad at all.  On my last run before resting up the longest run I had accomplished was 5.63kms and I had reduced my running time for 3kms from just over 23 minutes to just over 21 minutes.

I started back running in July and clocked up 30kms running and 12km on the cross trainer (to vary my exercising regime) that month, with my longest run increased to 6.5kms and I had improved my 3kms running time to just over 20 minutes.

So far this August I have clocked up 41.2kms running, with my longest run now 9km with my 3kms running time around 18 minutes.  My fastest 1km coming in at 5:44 minutes, which I am really pleased with.

Looking at my starting stats and my stats now, I am running 4kms in virtually the same time as I was running 3kms when I started, which I feel is excellent progress.

Taking up running was one of the best decisions I have made and I suspect most runners would say the same.  If you can, I would encourage you to give it a go.  Get some trainers on and get running, it’s free after all.  Good luck!

Esio Trot….

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There once was a small tortoise…  but now he is a big tortoise…

tortoise image

2B or not 2B, actually I used a 3B…

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Hobbies a plenty it would seem at the moment and I wonder where I get both the energy or the time from.

I heard a saying a while back which goes, ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person’ (hope I haven’t used this saying in another blog lol).   Well, I’m not sure whether that rings true or not but I have noticed the more you do, the more active you become and thus the more you can do – so there must be some truth in it.

By the way, this is not an invitation for you to ask me to do something…. although if you did I am a helpful sort of person…

So back to the reason for this post.  I wanted to share with you some of my sketches, made following a recent inspirational visit to my Aunt and Uncle’s house, where my Uncle had started drawing and painting again.  He had a really good drawing reference book which covered problems encountered when drawing and how to correct them.  I flicked through the pages and as soon as I returned home I ordered myself one of those bad boys.  Inspiration speaks for itself….


My next step will be to experiment with different subject matters and different materials.  Progress will be reported back in due course…  Hope you like my sketches and hope they inspire you to pick up a pencil and have a go at drawing.  Or even just look at things in a different light…

Take a walk on the Riverside (Park)…

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It was such a beautiful day and the following photos proved that.

Riverside Park

Photos were taken with my iPhone 4.  I was really impressed with the results.

Today was baking….

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It’s not often I get the urge to bake but today was one of those ‘of the moment’ moments…

Searching through my cupboards I found a chocolate fudge cake which I have to admit was just out of date.  Amazing really as nothing stays in the cupboards in my house for very long.  Still, I rustled up this little treatable…

chocolate fudge cake

I was going to say that no-body was hurt in the making of this cake… but I guess that remains to be seen.  It was very yummy!!!



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