Taking a break from writing by blogging wtf?…

Evening one and all.

Hope you are having a lovely evening whatever you are doing on this slightly moist Friday night near London – England, possibly Saturday if you are in another time zone which is  ahead of London.

I am blogging tonight, funnily enough to have a break from writing a book I tasked myself with, and to write it in a week.  I had no idea when I set myself this challenge (at 4am one morning after waking with a ‘bolt out of the blue’ idea for a book) whether this was even possible.  It sounded relatively easy in my head but I soon realised that on my week off there were other things I wanted to do and didn’t want to just sit at a computer tapping away.  Something I do in my day job, which I was supposed to be taking a break from.

However, the challenge was set.  So I decided I should find out how many words I needed to write to fill this book I was going to write.  I didn’t go to university so have never written a dissertation, the job roles I have had have been mainly maths based so I have never had to write a  report or anything more than a set of minutes for a meeting.  So when I found out I needed to write between 20,000 and 35,000 words I almost decided to give up.

I haven’t given up but I also know now that it will be almost impossible for me to complete the challenge I set myself in the time given.  I will give it my best shot obviously at getting a first draft together and then see what extra time I need to review and pull it all together.

The learnings from this experience so far for me have been:

– it is right to challenge yourself to do new things or push yourself further in a familiar field but be prepared to adjust your thinking as new information becomes available,

– if doing something for fun, do not push yourself so hard that the thing you were doing for pleasure becomes ‘an elephant in the room’,

– and lastly, ideas that come to you at ‘silly o clock’ in the morning really can be a gift, go with it.  You never know where it might lead you.

That’s me signing out and going back to the book writing.  Have a great evening.  Peace!


2 Responses to “Taking a break from writing by blogging wtf?…”

  1. Stick with it. Every book was written a single word at a time. 🙂

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