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Let’s get crafty…

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Good morning all.

It was recently my birthday so I decided to treat myself to some paper crafting tools.

I bought a Cuttlebug embossing and die cutting machine, a stars embossing folder and a couple of Tattered Lace die sets (flower and butterfly).

To start with I found it a bit tricky but once I had consulted with the hints and tips sheet on the Tattered Lace website all was well:

See below one of my works in progress for your viewing pleasure…


Tattered Lace die cut card


Where’s the cake when you need it…?

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I would love to do a complete blog on cake but this is not what this blog is about and after getting back to my running regime today it would seem frivolous to indulge in such things today, unfortunately.

This blog is actually about creative thoughts and ideas.   If you have read my blog before you will know that I’m part way through writing the first draft of a children’s book.  My first.  Needless to say a good book, with a great idea behind it.  But there comes a point when inspiration runs dry and you have to take a break to gather some new information and inspiration.

I think it’s a bit like solar power.

You have this reserve of ideas which at first you steam along using as much as you can as quickly as possible, all is going along merrily and then one day you use it all up.  It runs out.  And stop.  You sit at your laptop staring at the screen.  Nothing.  You go and make a cup of tea and sit back down at your laptop.  Still nothing.

You think ok, let’s be sensible and logical about this, like all things it will come to you, you need to be patient and relax.  The next week you open up your laptop and… nothing.  You go for a run.  Nothing.  You are at the point of giving up… again!  Then you remind yourself why you started the project in the first place, to try something new and have some fun.  Have some FUN dammit!

So here starts a period of having fun, the book can wait.  It’s not eating anything or harming anyone after all eh?  It’s time to get out, get some more inspiration, re-charge those imaginative/creative solar brain cells.

Hope you all have a day of re-charging and bags of fun too.

If in doubt, bake a cake…

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I fancied something sweet this evening but couldn’t be bothered to go to the shops.  So there was only one thing for it… bake a cake.  And that is exactly what I did.  Banana cake – yum yum.  Washed down with some Camomile tea (courtesy of Fortnum and Mason).

tea and cake

Apologies for the lack of focus on some of these pics lol, too much cake was consumed in the making of this blog!!

How’s the book going?…

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Glad you asked.  So, I’m not as far forward on the book as I thought I would be at the start of my writing adventure but I think I have made a pretty good start for someone who has never written so much in one go before.

I am approximately 11,ooo words in and have realised that some sort of in chapter format would be helpful to arrange my thoughts and to give a reasonable start and end to each chapter.

I’m now back at work so my time has become limited again which means I need to set myself some more deadlines to keep this book train moving.

This weekend I will give it another good go and see where I end up.

I was initially trying to review as I went and soon realised to get continuity and flow, it would be better to get everything down in a first draft and then look at the whole.  This would also mean that I could pick the best chapters, discard the weakest ones and then review with a consistent tone and approach.   So the most important thing for me at this phase is to keep writing.

Also I have found that when you force yourself to write you lose a bit of the relaxed and funny side of your writing so I have been trying to avoid this as the book needs to b light-hearted and fun.

So that’s my current update and as soon as I have anymore to tell you on this matter I will blog again.  Until next time my friends, be good! lol

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