How’s the book going?…

Glad you asked.  So, I’m not as far forward on the book as I thought I would be at the start of my writing adventure but I think I have made a pretty good start for someone who has never written so much in one go before.

I am approximately 11,ooo words in and have realised that some sort of in chapter format would be helpful to arrange my thoughts and to give a reasonable start and end to each chapter.

I’m now back at work so my time has become limited again which means I need to set myself some more deadlines to keep this book train moving.

This weekend I will give it another good go and see where I end up.

I was initially trying to review as I went and soon realised to get continuity and flow, it would be better to get everything down in a first draft and then look at the whole.  This would also mean that I could pick the best chapters, discard the weakest ones and then review with a consistent tone and approach.   So the most important thing for me at this phase is to keep writing.

Also I have found that when you force yourself to write you lose a bit of the relaxed and funny side of your writing so I have been trying to avoid this as the book needs to b light-hearted and fun.

So that’s my current update and as soon as I have anymore to tell you on this matter I will blog again.  Until next time my friends, be good! lol


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