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It’s a new year but nothing has changed….

Posted in Weekly Wonderings on 10 January 2015 by misselisabethuk

Welcome to my first post of 2015.  Sitting here, reflecting back on a tough 2014 and knowing that 2015 is going to be even tougher, I have been devoid of my usual new year excitement for probably the first time ever in my life.

Looking at the reasons for this there are many but to name a few; 2014 saw an increased pressure in the workplace to deliver more than I had to before, due to more work and the resulting fatigue I seemed to have less ‘me’ time (as my brain was filled and cluttered with the processing of information), which then impacted my friendships as I backed away from them (kept at a distance) as I couldn’t mentally cope with being involved in lots of connections as well…

As a result of this, I entered into 2015 with a lack of energy and enthusiasm, which I can now see why reflecting back on the reasons for my malaise.  So what am I trying to say?  I am not dismissing 2014 at all.  I think there has been some good ground work for future opportunities and challenges and I have had fun involving myself in some new and old hobbies (albeit of more of a solitary nature) but it’s time to focus on a couple of things to improve the areas which quite frankly I neglected in 2014 and now find myself in ‘deficit’ (if I can use that word in a non-financial sense).

So what for 2015?  I want to reconnect with the people that I have neglected in the past year (I publicly apologise to them for keeping my distance), I want to factor in some more fun and laughter time in my day to day, I want to get a good diet and exercise routine in place (one without fads and that I can realistically stick to).  Don’t get me wrong these are not new years resolutions, these are intended to be lifestyle changes, not restricted to 2015.

I want to read more and learn a new skill every month.  I want to improve the quality of my life but also positively impact the lives of those around me.  I want to make fewer compromises where work is concerned and put myself first more often in that context.  With family, I want to be better aware of when my needs are more important than theirs (I have a tendency to put others first at the detriment to myself).

This all seems a big ask at the moment.  A big mountain to climb.  However, small steps are key and remembering that I can’t please all the people all of the time and that if I stay true to myself and what I believe in, I will get through 2015 and be looking forward to 2016.

Stay true to yourselves and I hope you have a great weekend.

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