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Centre Parcs at night…

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , on 27 October 2015 by misselisabethuk

A lovely weekend was had by all at the new Centre Parcs in Woburn Forest, so I wanted to share a couple of the ‘at night’ pictures I took with you – as I try to stretch my repertoire:

Subtropical Swimming Paradise, Centre Parcs, Woburn

Subtropical Swimming Paradise – 1/4 sec. f/2.8 21mm ISO 500



The path to the Pancake House – 1/6 sec. f/2.8 50mm ISO 500

Hope you are all having a great week.


3 little ducks went swimming one day…

Posted in Weekly Wonderings on 26 October 2015 by misselisabethuk

‘Quack’ the little duck said as I stuck my camera in her face.  I only have a 50mm zoom lens so I had to get up close and personal. However, all the ducks were very well behaved and I think actually enjoyed posing for the camera really… Here are the stars of the show…   


Don’t be mad, be cross…

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , , on 17 October 2015 by misselisabethuk

The next instalment of a beginner photographer’s work starts with a cross, or two.

I got home from work one day this week; it was dark, cold and to be honest I felt a little tired and drained.  I’m not one for sitting still for long so thought what could I do…  My thoughts turned to my camera and the Rotolights I had purchased not so long ago, which I haven’t really utilised properly yet, however, this was some good experimentation..

ISO sec. f/ mm

ISO 200 1/4 sec. f/2.8 50 mm plus Lightroom


ISO sec. f/ mm

ISO 200 1/50 sec. f/2.8 50 mm plus Lightroom

Hope you enjoy my pics and they give you inspiration for a ‘at home’ photography session.

Have a great weekend!

Light trails, night motion…

Posted in Daily Jollop with tags , , , , , , , , , on 11 October 2015 by misselisabethuk

This is part 2 of my experimentation with slower shutter speeds and my first time of taking any photos at night.  I share with you, below, a couple of photos I took last night not too far from where I took the photos for my last post It’s all about the motion… 

Warning!! you will need a tripod for this and a gentle button pushing finger action 🙂


Watling Street: 4 sec. f/11 25mm (Lightroom used to reduce the sodium glare from the streetlights)

Watling Street: 4 sec. f/11 25mm ISO 200


Watling Street: 4 sec. f/11 17mm

Watling Street: 4 sec. f/11 17mm ISO 200


I used Adobe Lightroom to reduce the effects of the sodium streetlights, taking out the orange/yellow glow.

Hope this inspires those of you who are new to photography to give this a go, or those veteran photographers to go and take some more night shots!

Have a lovely weekend all.


It’s all about the motion…

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , on 10 October 2015 by misselisabethuk

Swapping notes with a fellow amateur photographer this week gave me inspiration to try something a little bit different today with slower shutter speeds.

Here are some of the results of my efforts today… Enjoy!

Esso Garage, Watling Street, Gillingham

Esso Garage, Watling Street : 1/5 sec. f/22 43mm


The Star Pub, Watling Street : 1/4 sec. f/22 30mm

Watling Street

Watling Street : 1/5 sec. f/22 50mm





Opposite The Star Pub, Watling Street : 1/6 sec. f/22 17mm

8 miles to Sittingbourne, Watling Street

8 miles to Sittingbourne, Watling Street : 1/8 sec. f/11 50mm

Weekly photo challenge – Boundaries

Posted in So what shall we do today Liz...? with tags , , , , , , , , , on 4 October 2015 by misselisabethuk

I’ve not entered any of my photographs in to this challenge before so thought I would give it a go… With thanks to The Daily Post for this week’s theme Boundaries

The Strand, Gillingham, Kent

The Strand, Gillingham, Kent

This photo was taken at the back of the Strand Lido, Gillingham which backs on to the River Medway. It pays to go adventuring.

Depth of field…

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , , , on 3 October 2015 by misselisabethuk

As my regular readers will know I have recently taken up photography (visit my website at for more pictures).

Being new to this medium I have been playing around with different settings to see the different effects I can come up with and thought this was a good illustration of how depth of field works/looks….

I used a Canon 70D body with a 17mm to 50mm Sigma lens for these shots, not sure about all the technicalities of both the camera and lens yet but I have managed to get some pretty good shots so far.

This was a trailing plant I found overhanging a lovely rustic looking wall in the Little Venice area of Paddington (which I will go back to at some point and do some model shots as it makes for a fantastic background).

Shot 1 – using an f stop of 2.8

f/2.8  1/80 sec. 50mm ISO 100

f/2.8  1/80 sec. 50mm ISO 100

Shot 2 – using an f stop of 5.6

f/5.6  1/20 sec. 50mm ISO 100

f/5.6 1/20 sec. 50mm ISO 100

Shot 3 – using an f stop of 11

f/11  1/20 sec. 50mm ISO 100

f/11 1/20 sec. 50mm ISO 100

Notes (more for new photographers):

  • the higher the f stop the bigger the ‘depth of field’ = basically more of the picture is in focus
  • f stop numbers seem to work in reverse; a lower f stop means a larger aperture (opening/diameter in the )
  • more info about f stops can be found here
  • landscapes are usually taken using a high f-stop (22) so as much as possible is in focus
Hope this has helped to explain the effects of f stops and depth of field.  Please feel free to leave me comments or questions.  In the meantime have a lovely weekend…
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