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Party rings…

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I recently watched a YouTube video about photography practice and that inspiration for taking photographs is all around us everyday, we just need to look and get creative.

So I treated myself to a pack of party rings (79p), one of my favourite biscuits and colourful which is important in photography (unless you take B&W, although I’m sure colour still plays it’s part there too!).

And so to the results…

I hope this gives you the inspiration to go out and try your photography out on everyday accessible things…

…. and yes I ate all the biscuits at the end of the session as a well earned treat. lol  Hope you are all having a great weekend.





Low levels of light…

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Dark nights mean artificial lighting for my photography projects, unfortunately, as I have yet to set myself up with some proper studio lighting.  So it occurred to me that there were more sources of light than the obvious room lighting, there was also light coming from our portable devices; phones, iPads etc.

So here are the results of my little lighting experiment… Enter my daughter and her iPad… 

The first one is my favourite as I managed to get the glow from the iPad onto the face…

I hope this inspires you to go and try this for yourself. 



Gig photography… I had to give it a go…

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Hey there .  I had to give it a go… gig photography.  Did I enjoy it?  Maybe a bit, well, the music was definitely great.

What about the photography…?  Let’s just say it was an interesting process/experiment – I am NOT a fan of high ISOs (too grainy) but I guess you have to do, what you have to do sometimes especially in darker conditions.

I googled a fair bit in preparation for my live music paparazzi escapade…

So, I started with ISO 1600, a shutter speed of around 1/200 but in the range of 1/125- 1/250 (enough to freeze motion whilst photographing handheld) and an aperture of f/2.8.  I only have one lens at the moment a 17mm to 50mm zoom lens and to be fair the lighting was… how can I put it was… minimal.  And then I just played around increasing/decreasing each of the settings.

How did I do…? You can decide…


Western Grip – ISO 2000 1/125 sec. f/2.8


Haeusser – ISO 3200 1/125 sec. f/2.8

Bjorn Veno

Bjorn Veno (screen) – ISO 2500 1/125 sec. f/2.8 


Exoskeletons – ISO 3200 1/200 sec. f/2.8

Arty guitar – ISO 2000 1/125 sec. f/2.8 

I also did some tinkering in Lightroom… only because I had too lol.  Enjoy!

Three little geese…

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A picture I took at Little Venice, Paddington, London…


ISO 100   1/400 sec.   f/5.6   at 43mm

Indoor lighting recap… Jewellery…

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That’s my boy…

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I am very lucky to have such an obedient, kind and gentle companion.  Love him!


It’s all in the lighting…

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Now the evenings are dark when returning home from work there is no other option for me but to take photos with the aid of lighting.  

I have a couple of continuous lights, which although not that bright, give me a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) experience when taking photos.  Great from a learning perspective. So here are the results from tonight’s endeavours…


Hope you like these pics.

As I am posting these from my mobile I do not have access to the camera settings I used, however, I will add these at a later stage for your reference. 

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