Gig photography… I had to give it a go…

Hey there .  I had to give it a go… gig photography.  Did I enjoy it?  Maybe a bit, well, the music was definitely great.

What about the photography…?  Let’s just say it was an interesting process/experiment – I am NOT a fan of high ISOs (too grainy) but I guess you have to do, what you have to do sometimes especially in darker conditions.

I googled a fair bit in preparation for my live music paparazzi escapade…

So, I started with ISO 1600, a shutter speed of around 1/200 but in the range of 1/125- 1/250 (enough to freeze motion whilst photographing handheld) and an aperture of f/2.8.  I only have one lens at the moment a 17mm to 50mm zoom lens and to be fair the lighting was… how can I put it was… minimal.  And then I just played around increasing/decreasing each of the settings.

How did I do…? You can decide…


Western Grip – ISO 2000 1/125 sec. f/2.8


Haeusser – ISO 3200 1/125 sec. f/2.8

Bjorn Veno

Bjorn Veno (screen) – ISO 2500 1/125 sec. f/2.8 


Exoskeletons – ISO 3200 1/200 sec. f/2.8

Arty guitar – ISO 2000 1/125 sec. f/2.8 

I also did some tinkering in Lightroom… only because I had too lol.  Enjoy!


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