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St Pancras Station, London…

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As a follow-up to my previous post Where is everybody… I took some more photos during my hunt for a ‘peopleless’ London so thought I would share these with you too…  More about architecture I think, but still…

3 photos on a page 2

Have a great day and enjoy all that is around you!



Where is everybody…

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I had in my mind recently that I wanted to capture London in a different light, without any people in it.

During the working week this is impossible, so I thought my best opportunity would be on Christmas Eve when a lot of people would be having time off and people traffic would be lower than normal.

I managed this to a degree… I still think that maybe an early morning in the City at the weekend might give more interesting results… however, I had to make do with Paddington on Christmas Eve!

Here are some results:

3 photos on a page

Ironically instead of capturing real people I captured a statue of one, which made me laugh.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your own photography endeavours. Peace!

Christmas Bokeh…

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I have been setting myself some challenges recently, as you may already know from my other posts, mainly to improve my photography but also to have some fun with the media to see what I can create and this week is no different.

I watch a lot of YouTube photography videos and I find that some inspire so much I grab my camera and go try.

Well, this week I have been inspired by the use of bokeh to differing effects.  The first as a background, and the second as part of the composition and here are the results…




Two Inanimate Angels… (6 photographs)

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So my latest photography experiment consists of two studio lights, two  angels and some trial and error – enjoy!


Some good effects I thought – good luck with your own experimentations!

Rain drops keep falling on my…

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It was wet today.  I haven’t experimented with taking photos of raindrops before, so today was that day…  I used a 17mm to 50mm Sigma lens and possibly needed a macro lens, however, here are some of the results…


A swish and a flash…

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So my latest escapades in learning and experimenting with photography have come to this.  With the aid of a gridded snoot and a wiling hair swishing participant I managed to produce some interesting results.  I used a number of different skills to produce these photos, these included; setting up a light, finding the correct exposure, lining up the model and counting to 3!

I have shared a couple of the results with you below:

Oh and one last thing, it was fun and I would encourage any new photographer to try this out!



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