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It’s HRH Sleaze II, baby… (part 1)

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HRH Sleaze II – Saturday 1st September 2018 – Main Stage

What an amazing weekend of live music put on by HRH Sleaze.  After attending last years event I knew this was a must for my annual calendar and this year did not disappoint.

This year I was armed with my DSLR to get some photography practice in and a willingness to share on Instagram what I was experiencing live.  Note to self: a longer lens is required for close up’s taken from the balcony of the main stage [next year!].

Tip: If you are thinking of going for the whole weekend paying the extra for the Royalty pass is absolutely worthwhile.  A Royalty pass gets you entrance to the Highway to Hell battle of the bands on the Friday night and unplugged/acoustic sessions by some of the bands on Saturday and Sunday before general entry.  It also gives you access to the balcony which has a good view of the main stage with seating and has two additional bars (without long queues).

So here it is, part 1 of the weekend’s Main Stage line up in photos, part 2 to follow…..  [Click on the band’s name to be taken to their Website or Facebook page.]

Midnite City – 17:00 – 18:00

“Hair Metal band from the UK signed to AOR Heaven Records. Formed in January 2017 by current Tigertailz front-man (and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company member and songwriter) Rob Wylde…”

These guys were going to be good given their front man.  I really enjoyed their high energy performance.  Would I see them again – Hell YES!








Last Great Dreamers – 18:20 – 19:30

“Last Great Dreamers with their distinctly British take on power-pop are probably the UK rock scene’s best kept secret. They built a formidable live reputation in the mid 90’s with their shimmering glam style…..”

This band took me back to my Marquee frequenting days, drinking in the Royal George and sleeping on Charing Cross Station, affectionately remembering the band’s Silver Hearts origins.  A solid delivery.







Wildheart – 19:50 – 20:50

“WildHeart is a Belgian hardrock/sleaze/glamband that could’ve come straight from 1984 to play their music today. Screaming guitar solos, catchy riffs, a lot of rock ’n roll and a high sing-a-long catchiness are key element to any 80s show and WildHeart makes no exception….”

This was a new band to me, who overall gave a good performance.  The energetic front man definitely brought it to the HRH Sleaze crowd.









Jetboy – 21:10 – 22:10

“Founded in 1983 by guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod, JETBOY continues to carry their style of Rock N’ Roll into the 21st century with the same fury that existed 25 years ago….”

I cannot believe this was one of the first appearances in the UK for this band – or did I catch that wrong?  Anyway – wow!  Definitely worth a listen – go check them out, now!









LA Guns – 22:30 – 00:00

“Three decades. Countless world tours. Millions of records sold.
L.A. Guns are legendary veterans of the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Since their eponymous album in 1988, these Electric Gypsies have constantly been delivering high octane unapologetic rock-n-roll — releasing iconic hits, unforgettable music videos, and touring non-stop all over the world….”

Another band of my youth LA Guns who I hadn’t seen in a couple of decades at least, took the main stage headline spot.  Tracii Guns as deft as ever on the guitar, at one point pulling out a bow to play (see photo below), and of course the charismatic Phil Lewis still totally rocking it.  Absolutely brilliant!


























Look out for my part 2 blog covering the Sunday main stage bands….


It’s all about the… photography…

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Hello all.  Hope you are well and taking 2016 by storm.

I haven’t posted on here for a while and for that I apologise but it is for a very good reason – I have another blog set up.

Now don’t get all upset and worried, I haven’t defected and left you all in the lurch to float around aimlessly in wordpress-dom without me, the reason I have set up another blog is for necessity.  It is because I have taken the plunge and gone back to academia and have started a photography degree…. stay with me…let me explain…

Some of you will have seen that I started posting a lot of my own photos on this blog and you may also have seen that I created my own very basic website dedicated to my photography, and in general the photo taking side of things is going very well.  I’m learning loads about the technical side of photography.  However, I thought it was time, being that I was enjoying the medium so much, that I knew more about the world I am starting to immerse myself in; practitioners of photography, history of photography, the art of photography etc.

And so here I am, last month I enrolled on a BA (Hons) Photography degree with the Open College of the Arts, part time alongside my day job and my new blog is an aid to my learning and assessment process.  It is on that blog that I am/will be posting my assignments, research updates, exercises carried out, field trip reviews and much much more.

If you would like to keep track of how I am doing and comment on anything that I post feel free to do so… you can find my new blog here: OCA Learning Log

In the meantime I will be posting on this site more of my non-academic related thoughts and photos, so please stay with me here even if you are not interested in the other things I am doing over on my other blog.

So here’s to a new ventures, no matter how daunting they may feel to start with and have a great weekend!

Here are my latest experimental photography endeavours… I wanted to play with lighting, reflection and colour tone to create different ‘feels’…


Up close and personal…

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More photography practice today and the little critters were out in force as if for a role call. - Mr Fly

Hello Mr Fly


Luckily the spider was out!

Luckily the spider was out!

More photos can be found over at

I wish all my followers and anyone else who happens to stumble across my page a great weekend.

Cake, cakes and more cakes….

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The theme of this blog is cakes, funnily enough – the title pretty much says it all, eh?!

Firstly to cake decorating, I kind of went in reverse with this whole cake making thing.  Sometimes things just organically happen and move from one thing to another in no predetermined order and not in the way you might have expected… This was one of those occasions.

So I decided I wanted to learn something, didn’t have any idea what my next challenge would be and then I thought, as I have a practical mind, wouldn’t it be good if I was able to properly decorate a cake.  Previously I had attempted several cake projects with varying success but never felt the need to be shown the proper skills to achieve better results. So naturally this felt like the right time to learn basic cake decorating skills.  I googled local classes and chose a two-hour cup cake decorating course called summer meadow cup cakes at Annabelle Jane Cake School in Maidstone, Kent.

I’ll be honest my main worry was driving in to Maidstone easily and finding a parking space, but once that was achieved I relaxed and looked forward to the new learning challenge ahead.

The course was pitched at the right level with the right amount of technical versus practical content. I thought the course was well run and I really enjoyed the laid back style of teaching; first being shown the relevant technique then having a go myself, with the teacher on hand to advise and guide as necessary.

The results I thought were pretty good, see below:

Summer Meadow Cup Cakes

So that was in the bag, I now felt confident that I was ready for any cake decorating challenge that was thrown at me.

Next I thought well there’s no point being able to decorate a cake without being able to make one so I was then looking to make a cake, assemble it, crumb coat it and finally cover it with icing so I could get to the position of being able to decorate it (as above).

I opted for a slightly different learning process for this part. I knew I could make a basic sandwich cake and my baking skills were not too bad (only occasionally over cooking things with some resulting fire alarm moments but haven’t we all?). I turned to the Internet and some online instruction via YouTube, Wilton’s website etc

There are some good instructional videos on crumb coating, for example, which is the layer of buttercream between the cake and the icing which seals in the cake crumbs to give you a good flat base for your icing to go on.

Armed with my newly learned cake making skills I set to work.

Here are some photos of how it all progressed:



Not a bad attempt I thought. Yes It was for a 40th birthday and yummy it was too!!  You could say a successful cake making project.

On to the next learning challenge…. But what will that be????


Love…. Is there really a differential?

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I have been thinking a lot about this recently and in particular whether there is a differential between the love you have for others.

As a mother you hear a lot about the unconditional love you have for your children, the concept that no matter what your child does you will always love them. However, I am not sure there is really a love differential at all.

There are some people I’m sure for whom you would say you would give your life for but I’m not sure for everyone this is solely for those you love. Yes, this could indeed be for your family, friends and pets but there are many people who give their lives for strangers too.

I couldn’t think of any more greater sacrifice than giving your life for someone else. Does this come down to a judgement of whether YOU think someone’s life is worth more than yours and how could you measure that?

I guess everyone would measure this differently; are they younger so would have the potential for ‘more of a life’ than you? Do they have children who might suffer a greater impact by their death than you (without a family)? Are you sick and they are healthy? Would you be a better protector than being protected? So many judgements which might need to be made quickly in a life or death situation.

So saying you would give your life for someone else is not a differential when it comes to love. So is there one? What do you think?

2B or not 2B, actually I used a 3B…

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Hobbies a plenty it would seem at the moment and I wonder where I get both the energy or the time from.

I heard a saying a while back which goes, ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person’ (hope I haven’t used this saying in another blog lol).   Well, I’m not sure whether that rings true or not but I have noticed the more you do, the more active you become and thus the more you can do – so there must be some truth in it.

By the way, this is not an invitation for you to ask me to do something…. although if you did I am a helpful sort of person…

So back to the reason for this post.  I wanted to share with you some of my sketches, made following a recent inspirational visit to my Aunt and Uncle’s house, where my Uncle had started drawing and painting again.  He had a really good drawing reference book which covered problems encountered when drawing and how to correct them.  I flicked through the pages and as soon as I returned home I ordered myself one of those bad boys.  Inspiration speaks for itself….


My next step will be to experiment with different subject matters and different materials.  Progress will be reported back in due course…  Hope you like my sketches and hope they inspire you to pick up a pencil and have a go at drawing.  Or even just look at things in a different light…

A blast from the past…

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Whilst going through my photos today I came across a very old photo from when I was about 18(?!).

I was doing some photography work for a local amateur photographer, who suggested I went in for a beauty contest to get some exposure from other photographers.  Well I did it.

There were two heats; evening dress and swim wear.

Beauty Contest c1991

My one and only beauty contest…


True enough there were plenty of photographers to pose for and smile at.  Some of the pics are bound to be floating around on the web somewhere but then it was a while ago and probably pre mass-internet.

I still have that dress too, not sure I should be owning up to that?!

It fits, just 🙂



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