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F 1’n Dead

Posted in I'm dying here.... with tags , , , , on 18 September 2012 by misselisabethuk

Zooming, loud cheers, exciting,
foot on the pedal, hearts pumping.

Dodging the cars very fast as he speeded,
the thrill of the race, expectations exceeded.

“Faster!” shouted voices, elated,
skillfully steering, his triumph awaited.

Spectators whooping, urging him on,
an incredible flash and a crash, he was gone…..


Old, alone, without a phone…

Posted in I'm dying here.... with tags , , , , on 16 September 2012 by misselisabethuk

She sits in her chair, her breath grows heavy,
reaches for her water, misses, feels giddy.

She falls to the floor no strength to stop her fall,
now she’s lying on the ground staring up at the wall.

Her voice too weak to call for attention,
no-one to check on her, well, no one to mention.

Lying there quitely listening to her breath,
she closes her eyes, waiting for death.

Crossing the line…

Posted in I'm dying here.... with tags , , , , on 11 September 2012 by misselisabethuk

Jacket too big, skinny man, so small,
waiting for that train, your world so small.

What makes a difference to your life’s routine,
standing on the platform waiting for that train.

“Wait!”.  You hear it now chugging down the track,
too late, you step out, nothing left… just black!

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