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EyeWake Trial – Product Review…

Posted in Time for Change with tags , , , , , , on 27 August 2018 by misselisabethuk

I was recently approached via email by a Company called ‘Eye Wake‘ asking if I would be interested in participating in their 2018 campaign and receive a sample of their EYEWAKE Face Cream (30ml / 1.06fl.oz) to try out, in return for an Instagram selfie with said cream and an Amazon review.

Having never been approached in this way before, I searched the internet to find out if it was legitimate.  I found that some had already carried out their trial and others were in the process of doing so.

EyeWake claims they support the most vulnerable people in society through their partnership with Women’s Aid.   And that for every EyeWake sold a donation is made to help victims of domestic violence.  I have not personally experienced domestic violence but have seen it in action, so think this is a worthy cause which should be supported.

I accepted the trial, which involved being credited £22.95 via Paypal and then purchased the item from Amazon.


The Company provides the following information on Amazon and it is this that I will comment on as part of my trial:

  • RE-ENERGIZE SKIN FOR VISIBLY YOUNGER-LOOKING APPEARANCE – A rich & stimulating anti-wrinkle face cream to protect your skin from premature ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve your complexion and deliver the youthful glow you desire;
  • UNIQUE FORMULA – This distinctive, concentrated formula is enriched with premium ingredients including Hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10 which have been blended with pure essential oils, natural plant botanicals and natural anti oxidants to help give your skin a radiant appearance;
  • EASILY ABSORBED – With simple application to your cheeks, forehead and the areas around your mouth and lips, you’ll see correction to these signs of ageing in no time, helping you attain a smooth and brilliant complexion. A perfect base and primer for makeup;
  • MADE FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE – eyewake skincare products are never tested on animals and are made and manufactured cruelty-free in the UK at our state of the art laboratories. Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for Vegans;
  • REDISCOVER YOUR CONFIDENCE – Stand up against premature signs of ageing with the most effective anti-wrinkle cream on today’s market.

The item arrived last week and I have been a little tardy in starting the trial; what with the G.C.S.E. results and general life getting in the way, and I wanted to do the trial properly.

The cream was delivered in a cardboard box filled with polystyrene lozenges (disappointingly not for eating) as protection.  The product packaging itself I would describe as ‘clean’ by this I mean not fussy.  It has a linen feel and a matt finish.

The usual warnings are present on the bottom of the packaging:
For external use only.  This one always makes me laugh as this is only on here because someone has tried in the past to use some external remedy on the inside (eye, mouth, ear, nose or downstairs).
Keep out of sight and reach of children.  The keep out of sight bit is a new one on me…
Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.  This is one I will be keeping an eye on!
Keep out of eyes.  i.e. refer to the first point above, but just to make sure.

Distribution details are on one side.  And one thing I never used to take any notice of in my youth was the ‘shelf life’ which all creams have on them now.  This is the time the cream remains ‘stable’ for whilst unopened or opened.  This Eyewake cream claims it has an unopened shelf life of 24 months and an after opening shelf life of 12 months.  What isn’t obvious from the outside packaging is when the 24 months started…. maybe it’s on the inside pot [Nope only a batch number?!].

The Ingredients are listed on another side, and it’s quite a list!

And another the Directions, which state:
Apply to a clean face day and night.  Spread evenly before massaging in light upward strokes until fully absorbed.  For best results, use daily.
Suitable for all skin types.

Now I’m all read up it’s time to open the box!!

The pot is made of an opaque glass with a high gloss silver screw lid.  On opening the screw cap there is a plastic plug cap in place, which presumably ensures the product is contained/sealed.  That said the plastic plug was easy to remove and replace, so there was nothing to reassure me that it hadn’t been opened before.

The cream is not perfumed, but it does have a creamy scent to it.

OK I’ve typed enough for one post – let the trial begin.

Look out for further blog installments where you can follow my progress….


Goodbye 2015, Welcome 2016

Posted in Time for Change with tags , , , , , , , on 1 January 2016 by misselisabethuk

 For my first post of 2016 I have decided to look back on my 2015 posts and pick out some highlights and share these with you.

So to start, here are links to the posts which for me have been my turning points in 2015:

Cakes, cakes and more cakes… – during 2015 I decided to try out some new hobbies and one of these was cake decorating.  I felt that this was a life skill that once I knew how to do would be with me forever.  I really enjoyed the learning process, which inspired me to make a 40th birthday cake from scratch.

Photography: A Different Perspective – the birth of my practical interest in photography (15 September 2015). I set up a website, linked it to my Twitter and Facebook accounts and have not looked back since.’s website’s Twitter’s Facebook

Three little geese… – this was my most successful post of 2015. As part of the Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Trio’, I was amazed when I started receiving comments and got 47 likes for this photo which I took on the Paddington canal, London. It showed me the power of being part of a community of like minded people.

And finally it would be remiss of me not to thank every single one of you who liked, commented or purely visited my site in curiosity or for inspiration in 2015.  I wish you all a truly special 2016 and know that I have exciting things planned for 2016 which I can’t wait to share with you.


Oh wooh wooh six pack….

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Ok so the exercise plan is not going so well…

The last two weeks have been soooo busy at work, time constraints have meant that the exercise plan has gone on the back burner.

The plan, however, is still alive and normal service will resume…  In the meantime I will leave you with the following thought:

The Shard

Some say the sky’s the limit, I say it’s just the beginning of the journey!

It’s the start of my ‘Get a six-pack plan’..

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Exercise…. and the start of my ‘get a six-pack plan’…. and besides I have a suitcase of clothes to get back into!

My motto – slow and steady wins the race (well for now anyway).

Day 1 – (24 August 2013)

Cross Trainer – 3 mins
Stomach Crunches – 25 middle, 20 left, 20 right, 20 middle
Plank – 15 count (x4)

Day 2 – (10 St 9 lbs)

Cross Trainer – 3 mins
Stomach Crunches – 20 middle, 10 left,10 right
Barbells (2.5kg) – Right arm: 20 bicep curl, 20 side bicep curls (not sure of the name of these), side hold 20 count, forward hold 10 count.  Repeated with Left arm.
Plank – 15 count (x2)
Squats 10, held 10 held (x2)
and knee dips x15

Day 3 –

Couldn’t bear any more stomach crunches today, they are sore!
20 minute walk (x2) and some vigorous tile removal and waste clearance

Day 4 – (Work out music courtesy of Skid Row)

Cross Trainer – 6 mins
20 minute walk (x2)
A day of scrubbing and lifting

Day 5 – (I decided to go for an evening workout instead of a morning one today)

Cross Trainer – 6 mins

I am sooooooo unfit!  Oh and weak too when it comes to yummy food.  ARGHHH!

Changes… they come in all shapes and sizes

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Changes come in all shapes and sizes, they do!

Sometimes expected, sometimes out of the blue,

Sometimes welcome, sometimes not,

Sometimes a few, sometimes a lot,

But change is needed to help us grow,

You know…

An amalgamation of week 21 and 22 due to time pressures of a productive kind but thought I’d also share with you a little off the cuff poem as an extra treat for your patience.

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Since I last posted I have had a revolutionary music lesson, where my ideas of music creation/writing have once again been ignited.  I had a really positive networking event, linked with my day job, which re-united me with some old and introduced me to some new contacts.

I failed miserably at a ten-pin bowling party and realised that you can’t expect to come back into something years on and still have the same edge as you previously had.  I should have had a secret practice before hand for my own self esteem but still the event was fun and we all had a good laugh.

I started another creative project this week which I’m hopeful will get off the ground this year, time permitting of course.  A bit more research and then some late nights and hard work will be required but if you are passionate about something you need to find that bit of extra energy and/or time to make it happen.  Right?

That is exactly what one of my friends has done, check out his new iPhone/iPod Touch game – Jet Point:

Well my friends I will leave you with that thought and wish you all a fabulous weekend, stay safe and enjoy the changes presented to you 🙂

2013 : The start of something amazeballs…

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Morning all,

So, here’s to the start of one of my resolutions for 2013, to write a weekly blog.  This is challenging for me on many levels.

It requires commitment, scheduling, focus and regular ideas.  Previously I had been a fair weather blogger, or blogged as and when the ideas hit me or time permitted but what is different with this challenge is that I am going to dedicate a specific time in my life to do this on a regular basis, for a whole year (2013).

Making time for something I had previously considered a luxury and a self-indulgent hobby now becomes a part of my ‘everyday’ life.  Quite a commitment considering the other things I need to cram in to my busy life, however, one I think important to follow for 2013.

I decided to schedule in Saturday mornings as my ‘time to blog’.  I am a morning person so this is when I am fresher to give 100% focus to this kind of task.  Please do watch out for my postings and please comment and share your experiences on any of the disciplines I am signing up to by taking on this task:  “commitment, scheduling, focus and regular ideas”.  Of course you are welcome to chat to me on any subject that you wish…

As I sit here listening to the classics on Radio 2 (yes Radio 2, it gets you in the end!) I contemplate what to write about in my first weekly blog and I guess the most obvious topic is 2013 and how it will differ to 2012.

2012 for me was another challenging year with changes aplenty but I realised towards the end of the year that a number of opportunities were lining themselves up for 2013 and although 2012 was a year with some difficult personal growth issues, my direction was actually becoming clearer.  The people I had met, the relationships I had forged, the opportunities I had pursued and the obstacles I had overcome were leading me to a new phase in my life.

I have always believed that we are the sum of our experiences and I had always considered myself to be on the naive end of the scale when it comes to life, but actually I had learned an immense amount over the years and hadn’t realised or given myself credit for it.  I believe that everyone you meet will teach you something, so my other realisation for personal growth was that networking is key to your personal development.  If this theory of learning something new from everyone you meet is true, then meeting lots of people increases your opportunity for learning significantly.  Go talk to a stranger today, you never know you might have something in common!

I put this into practice in 2012 and enrolled as a mentor on a mentoring programme with the Aspire Foundation and was matched with a complete stranger who had signed up as a mentee.  The Aspire Foundation is a charity organisation who aims to positively impact the lives of 1 million women and girls by 2015 – It’s been one of the highlights of my 2012, the feeling of positively supporting someone with their work/life goals has been greatly rewarding and a friendship has also been formed, an unexpected bonus.  A friendship which wouldn’t have existed had I not been prepared to take the opportunity to give some of my spare time to a stranger!

To summarise, the only way you are going to understand the world better is by living in it and talking to its inhabitants.  There is great power and enjoyment in forming alliances and learning from them.  Also by giving your support, benefit of experience and free time can make a huge difference to someone and you too will benefit in ways you never thought you could.

As possibly one of the longer blogs I have written to date, I should stick with the programme and end my first blog for 2013 right here.  It’s been enjoyable and emotional.  Please do leave me your comments as I like to hear what you have been doing….

Until next Saturday (or before if I get an idea..) I bid you adieu and hope you have a great weekend!

Orange-faced Girl

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Hey girl!  You are young, with beautiful clear white skin, so why do you wear that mask of orange?

You must have been brain-washed by all these make-up ads telling you to wear the make-up of make-up artists, and such like.

But no make-up artist are you.  So lacking in make-up skills that the stroke marks from the brush you used to apply your foundation are still clearly visible.  Did you apply it in a dimly lit room without a mirror?

Your friends, who are they?  I need a word with them!  How can they let you walk around like that?

I stood and watched as the young smiley girl approached a group of hoodied teenage girls who sat on a park bench.  She was greeted with warmth.  She had friends.  I was relieved.

Although still a little confused as to the war-paint look, I carried on walking, past the group of girls on the bench.  As I did, I then understood.  A group of orange faces peered out from their hoodies as I walked past.


Question:  Have you ever followed the crowd to fit in?



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