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Renamed: Photobooth ‘Selfie’ Challenge

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , , , , , on 26 April 2019 by misselisabethuk

The renamed Photobooth ‘Selfie’ Challenge project is gathering apace.  I have now had 2 supporters for my project since its launch on 24 April 2019 (only a couple of days ago) via the Ko-Fi platform.  OK they are my friends but that’s where it all starts, right?  A good idea becomes realty through the support of friends and family. Anyway, it’s inspired me to press on and give a few other things a go as well as a result.

One of those things was that I used my laptop to record a video for the first time today.  I used the free camera app which also records video and the free film editor app in which I created the intro few seconds to the project, a headline/strap-line if you will, which I uploaded to my Ko-Fi, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

All the different social media platforms work slightly differently, so you must think about all the relevant formatting requirements when developing/making your content to make sure your media is fully interchangeable and usable across the whole social media network.  I am still learning…

Also, if you can link your social media accounts and post once then that makes the most efficient use of your time and maximises audience reach with minimum effort.

So my project is in its infancy and I don’t suppose my first ‘go’ at this will be anything other than a steep learning curve in what NOT to do but it is also an essential journey to becoming good at anything, you have to practice, do the thing to improve.

As with all my bright ideas, it started with a kiss, sorry Hot Chocolate lyric alert, a spark, I meant a spark…. a wouldn’t it be cool if…

And that’s when I started putting in place measures to enable me to get my idea out there and to build up a following / support for my idea.  Photobooth ‘Selfies’ are fun and not exclusively for any particular group or individual, there are many photobooths machines installed across the UK which are accessible for all,.  You can have fun on your own or in a group with this….  Go on I dare you!  And send me a link to your images….

I love photography’s versatility, its ability to say lots of different things and at times all at the same time, it can be factual, emotional, inspirational and I think it is and will continue to be an essential part in how we interact with each other and the world around us.

Here is my first intro video, only a few seconds, and I’ll probably re-record it at some point, but it goes to show you can do this without any fancy gear or software – a laptop / computer with a webcam and audio capabilities, which most people have nowadays.

And if you want to support my project why not do so HERE.




Photobooth Project – Will you support me?

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , , , , , on 25 April 2019 by misselisabethuk

Inspired by the early 1970s photobooth images of my Dad, sister and me (see below – I’m the one on the right with the fringe), and my Photography Degree studies centering on Identity and Place, I am looking for supporters for my photographic project on photobooth ‘selfies’.

Each set of photobooth images cost c. £6, so essentially I am asking for supporters to cover the cost of the images.

I have signed up to Ko-fi to enable supporters to pledge money to my project.

The idea being that when a target is hit I will go out and get a set of photobooth images from a local photobooth, a different photobooth each time until such time as I have exhausted all my local machines and have to go further afield.

Preliminary research suggests there are a fair few Photo-Me machines available locally…. which is great news!

The link to my Ko-fi page is:

You can support with as little as £3 i.e. the cost of a coffee.

Supporters will be able to access additional content as a thank you for supporting me. 

I look forward to sharing my project with you.

Note: If you have any suggestions (and please keep ’em clean) as to the sort of image you would like to see or indeed a prop you would like to see me use in my images then please suggest away.  I want to make this project interactive and fun!

Photobooth photos



Dash Through Time – Teaser

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , on 22 April 2019 by misselisabethuk
Here is a teaser of a short film which my dog stars in ‘Dash through Time’ for Fort Amherst and Medway Council as part of the Heritage Lottery funded “Command of the Heights” project.
Dash, or should I say Smudge, has an Instagram account should you wish to follow him and his future antics.
Text from Physical Folk’s YouTube channel:

Part 1 of our short film “Dash through Time”.

Our students, from our ESF/ESFA funded media training course for unemployed 16 to 24 year olds in Kent and Medway, made this short Film “Dash through Time” for Medway Council and Fort Amherst as part of the Heritage Lottery funded “Command of the Heights” project.

This is our first film to make use of Davinci Resolve 16’s automatic You Tube upload feature. We have also used Davinci Resolve to add subtitles to our film so that everyone can enjoy it. Try out the new subtitles and let us know what you think.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. Subscribe and click the bell to be notified of future episodes.

Thanks for watching 🙂
Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to get more community filmmaking content. 🙂 Do let us know what video content you would like to see in the future. With enough demand we will be happy to make it.
Please watch: “Physical Folk Promo” to see some of our young filmmakers promoting what we do:
For more info about Physical Folk and what we do, including free filmmaking courses, visit:

Christmas lights in Carnaby Street, London – December 2018

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , on 18 January 2019 by misselisabethuk

I’ve been looking back at my shoots from last year picking out images that got overlooked at the time because they were not to the brief.

This one I absolutely love – I had a ‘that’s great’ moment when I took this image as I fell it was a good one. This does not have any editing done to it.

The other reason I like this image is because I felt it had a Sato Shintaro Night Lights feel to it. I love neon images and where better than London at Christmastime (or Japan) for this kind of image.

Hope you are all having a great Friday and have a super weekend. Peace x

Off Camera Flash

Posted in Weekly Wonderings on 5 January 2019 by misselisabethuk

I’ve been experimenting with off camera flash today….

This was for a number of reasons;

1) to understand the results that could be obtained by using my Yongnuo flash on its manual setting rather than TTL (Through The Lens),

2) the light quality was low today but I had seen some interesting shadows and wanted to replicate these but with more contrast;

3) I wanted to take some shots with my film camera so I used my light meter to assess the light and camera settings required and used these setting with both my film and digital cameras; and

4) in preparation for a talk I am giving at my camera club next week on artificial lighting techniques.

I used my Sekonic light meter to work out which flash settings I needed to achieve a correct exposure using an ISO 400 film, a shutter speed of 1/125 and to account for an f-stop appropriate to achieve a reasonable depth of field (say between f8 and f10).

Playing around with different compositions and shooting with my digital camera first to ensure I was happy with everything, when I found a good composition I took a shot with my film camera.

As an aside I am currently putting together my own dark room so the thought of developing my own films in the future is rather exciting.

Anyway I want to share my efforts with you, I give you… off camera flash and some bananas…

Have a great week all and when I have something more to share with you, I will. Peace!

Halloween in Hyde Park

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 18 November 2018 by misselisabethuk

I am a little late in posting these images to my blog because I have been posting in general to my Instagram account instead; most of my output being images not words of late.

In case you want to take a look at my Instagram account it is: @misselisabethuk

That said, there are some words which need to be said on this particular topic so I’m back over here to my blog for the chatty bit.

Last year I completely missed the Halloween celebrations, work was full on (an update on this is still to be done) and I really didn’t feel like doing anything special, so this year I was determined to get involved from at least a photography perspective if nothing else.

Since joining Instagram and the Meet-up App, and after attending a few photography social groups I got to hear of a Halloween group shoot in London which sounded perfect being run by Rod Trusadi of Vizualography / Streetraitz.

These group shoots are great events because you get to meet a load of models and photographers in what I would call a photographic ‘orgy’ or if that analogy is too much for you – photography ‘speed dating’.

In a matter of hours you have photographed and networked with so many people, and got so many shots of the models that at the end you are completely knackered.  What it does do though is it gets you to think on your feet, as you don’t have much time with each model or there are many photographers trying to shoot the same model at the same time so you have to get creative with your angle of view and speed of execution.

This was the second of these group shoots I’ve attended and I have to say both times I have come away with some really great images.

So enough of the chat the first set of images I am going to share are of Sophie and a model that goes by the name of B3autiful_D3struction:

I also took some images of Sophie on her own:

I also had the pleasure of photographing Claudia:

I photographed a number of other models and will post their images in a subsequent post once I have gathered their images together.

Hope you like the above and I would thoroughly recommend a group shoot if you want a range of images from a range of models to either get practice or for your own portfolio.  Noting that one of the conditions of you attending these events as a photographer is that the models get images for their portfolios, after all that’s what collaboration is all about… right?!

So that’s me signing off for now.  Have a great week!!

The Portrait Mission…

Posted in Weekly Wonderings with tags , , , , , , , , , , on 28 August 2018 by misselisabethuk

On 11 August 2018 I was lucky enough to join The Portrait Mission on an Insta-meet portrait group shoot #tpmsummershoot.  Run by Josh and Sevi, this shoot consisted of about 40 photographers and initially 3 models which grew to 5 during the session, around the Shoreditch/Brick Lane/Barbican area of London.

I had never shot in most of the areas we visited before and found a couple of recognisable locations used in images I had seen on Instagram.  There are truly some amazing architectural landscapes to be found in these areas.

I would like to thank all the models involved for giving up their time, links to their Instagram pages are listed at the bottom of the page for your reference. And to Josh and Sevi for arranging.  I would love to organise my own shoot in this area of London in the future.

Below are a selection of my favourite shots from the shoot:



























New folder-2


New folder-3











Alex – In green #1



Alex –  In green #2


Alex –  In green #3

New folder-c

Olga – Despair














































Links to the model’s Instagrams:

Adricoste  – This lady was in the area and we cheekily asked if she would model for us, to which she agreed.

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