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Oh wooh wooh six pack….

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Ok so the exercise plan is not going so well…

The last two weeks have been soooo busy at work, time constraints have meant that the exercise plan has gone on the back burner.

The plan, however, is still alive and normal service will resume…  In the meantime I will leave you with the following thought:

The Shard

Some say the sky’s the limit, I say it’s just the beginning of the journey!


It’s the start of my ‘Get a six-pack plan’..

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Exercise…. and the start of my ‘get a six-pack plan’…. and besides I have a suitcase of clothes to get back into!

My motto – slow and steady wins the race (well for now anyway).

Day 1 – (24 August 2013)

Cross Trainer – 3 mins
Stomach Crunches – 25 middle, 20 left, 20 right, 20 middle
Plank – 15 count (x4)

Day 2 – (10 St 9 lbs)

Cross Trainer – 3 mins
Stomach Crunches – 20 middle, 10 left,10 right
Barbells (2.5kg) – Right arm: 20 bicep curl, 20 side bicep curls (not sure of the name of these), side hold 20 count, forward hold 10 count.  Repeated with Left arm.
Plank – 15 count (x2)
Squats 10, held 10 held (x2)
and knee dips x15

Day 3 –

Couldn’t bear any more stomach crunches today, they are sore!
20 minute walk (x2) and some vigorous tile removal and waste clearance

Day 4 – (Work out music courtesy of Skid Row)

Cross Trainer – 6 mins
20 minute walk (x2)
A day of scrubbing and lifting

Day 5 – (I decided to go for an evening workout instead of a morning one today)

Cross Trainer – 6 mins

I am sooooooo unfit!  Oh and weak too when it comes to yummy food.  ARGHHH!

It was inevitable…. but let the exercise commence

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Dear all, welcome to week 34 (also covering week 33, so you could say you are getting a 2 for 1 offer this week!)

I don’t know if you remember one of my previous posts on vision boards, where I posted you a picture of mine…  If not here is the link:

Anyhow, it’s taken me a while to get up and running on this, one of my vision board items, but yesterday was the start.  I am so proud I managed to get myself focused and start what I am going to call my ‘get a six-pack plan’ – the left hand side of my vision board ‘Health and Fitness’.

Why did I choose now to do this?  Well, I have a weeks annual leave for one thing so I thought I could start to embed an exercise regime into my day, initially without constraint.  After a week I would clearly know how much time certain exercises would take me to do and hence know when the best time to factor them into my day would be.

I used to consider myself a very fit person but after a knee injury, which left me disheartened and in pain for at least 6 months, the exercise regime went out of the window and I settled into a life without any exercise apart from that gained by the daily commute and the odd swim.

I also thought that now this 30-something was pushing towards a new decade in her life, I really should get a grip of a healthy lifestyle sooner rather than later which would see me through the changes I would be facing in the remaining time I have left on this planet and hopefully lengthen it somewhat if possible – too much to do and so little time in which to do it (a common problem).

Working in the field of Pensions it has made me think more about lifespans (longevity) and the changes to retirement expectations and what with retirement ages increasing you have to keep yourself healthy enough to at least live long enough to see your supposed retirement.  Gone are the days of Final Salary pension schemes and Retirement at age 50 like the golden generation had.

So it’s time to get fit again.  I’m currently on day two of the ‘get a six-pack plan’ so early days but I intend to keep a diary of the exercises I am doing and will share these with you intermittently to record progress.

I do not intend to do anything different with my diet at this stage, my weight has been stable for a while so I think by increasing my fitness and exercise the amount of calories I am currently eating will become insufficient and so I will naturally lose weight.  I have a very interesting relationship with food, in that I love it and would happily eat anything and everything every day, so I have had to be disciplined which I think is now embedded.  So I will not focus on this aspect initially.

I would be interested in hearing anyone else’s experiences they have had with exercise and/or food.

Until next time, stay fit and healthy!

Orange-faced Girl

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Hey girl!  You are young, with beautiful clear white skin, so why do you wear that mask of orange?

You must have been brain-washed by all these make-up ads telling you to wear the make-up of make-up artists, and such like.

But no make-up artist are you.  So lacking in make-up skills that the stroke marks from the brush you used to apply your foundation are still clearly visible.  Did you apply it in a dimly lit room without a mirror?

Your friends, who are they?  I need a word with them!  How can they let you walk around like that?

I stood and watched as the young smiley girl approached a group of hoodied teenage girls who sat on a park bench.  She was greeted with warmth.  She had friends.  I was relieved.

Although still a little confused as to the war-paint look, I carried on walking, past the group of girls on the bench.  As I did, I then understood.  A group of orange faces peered out from their hoodies as I walked past.


Question:  Have you ever followed the crowd to fit in?



Here’s one I’ve written in red… Left for Dead

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Seeing red?
He was left for dead.
Getting cold and stiff,
with a subtle whiff.

The night so black,
hid the thud and the whack.
T’was a bat of wood,
he fell where he stood.

Robbed of a life,
he thought would  be long,
he was wrong!

When obsessions get out of control… help me!!!

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Today I wanted to talk about obsession in general terms, although I will cover some personal specifics just to entice readership, of course…  Just as a disclaimer, I have no training in this, the views on this page are purely my own from my own experiences and how I personally have dealt with anything that has come up in my life.  How I addressed a particular situation is not necessarily how you should address your obsession… phew!.. got that bit out of the way lol

So to kick this topic off, what is the definition of obsession:

ob·ses·sion //  (b-sshn, b-) n.

1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.
Ok so we all clear on what that means, right?…. There are varying degrees of obsession, I think, but it’s how they manifest themselves to you and how we manage them determines whether they become a problem for you or the people around you.
There are differing levels of obsession… well to start with I would say you have the “healthy” obsession, this is the point at which something/someone takes your interest and your feelings encourage you to pursue and be interested in that subject.  It gives you focus and resolve and a drive to pursue and accomplish.  I have found this when taking on a new challenge at work, got interested in a new band whose music I love or have had a deadline, which makes me obsess about; how I will get the job done, finding out more information on the subject and just generally take on a more than interested look at things – This can cause some sleepless night thinking about things but that’s another topic for another day.
So when does the “healthy” obsession turn into and “unhealthy” obsession and how do you control your feelings to prevent you from exacerbating the obsession you have?  This is bound to be different for each individual based on what they are obsessing about, their past experiences etc. etc.  So more to the point how do I deal with it… well sometimes well and sometimes not so well I have to admit but I have found that asking myself a few questions and doing a bit of a reality check really helps.  I ask myself, are you perceiving the idea/person/situation in the correct context?  What exactly is it about that idea/person/situation that is the key issue?  Take that key issue out of the equation and would you feel the same way?  Are other external influences having an impact on how you react to/perceive this idea/person/situation?  Once I have asked myself these questions the obsession usually abates.
Most of my obsessions have mainly been with people (men and women), self-image and work.  As a result I am constantly questioning myself about the choices that I have made and using my past experiences to judge any new situations I am faced with.  My very first obsession was with Michael Jackson, it was in my pre-metal days and manifested in approx. 1987, to give you a year.  Teenage years are confusing and there are a lot of hormones are work.  Some of the reasons I was obsessed with him as a person are still there and I don’t think they will ever go away but I just manage them better.
The longest I have had what I would consider an “unhealthy” obsession for is approx. 3 years, it isn’t a nice place to be in many ways, emotions can be a very strong persuader of what you perceive is right and wrong and when your every waking moment/decision is controlled by your obsession you have a problem.  You may also not be able to confide in anyone about your obsession and it can go undetected, at the same time it is being fuelled by not being addressed.  All I would say to anyone who thinks they have an “unhealthy” obsession is that people are more understanding than you might think, talk to someone about it, email me about it (a  trouble shared is a trouble halved) but whatever you do – do NOT do nothing about it!!
Until next time… stay happy!! 😀

Self Image/Body Image – Who the F@k are you anyway?

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My first real topic I guess would have to be about Self Image… with a sub topic of  Body Image.  You may be asking “Why? You look alright” 😀

Well, I will tell you why….  maybe by a manipulation of society over time, my strive to improve myself and be ‘better?’ than I am, or some other mental process that only a shrink would be able to decipher….  the fact of the matter is that I have developed a self-image obsession in particular to my body shape.

It’s not an unhealthy obsession as luckily I use my almost Spock like Virgoean logic to keep the obsession from going any further, however, I have days when I feel sad and frustrated if I do not meet my ideal for that day, so yes an obsession none-the-less but rated – mild.

On the up side, some days it gives me great amusement, as I stand in front of my bedroom mirror (It’s not how I look in clothes it’s my naked form that I obsess about) and think to myself, the reason I bought this mirror was for its house of mirrors effect – it actually elongates everything slightly and what I’m actually seeing is a lie anyway… but you know what, it works for me (rock on Ikea!!) it allows me not to take the whole body image thing too seriously, it’s my reality check.

With any type of obsession it’s important to have good friends around you who understand and I am blessed to have some very good friends.

Here’s the science bit…  Just wanted to say that.. lol…

I was brought up to make up my own mind about things, anything pretty much went but with the backing of a family who was supportive and not dictatorial.  With that came the mental process I have today of questioning everything using my own experiences to make a judgement… As you can imagine that has developed me into a great thinker, everything locked inside my head, considering every option logically before I make a decision.

My closing thoughts, in my logical mind ‘captain’, are that I think society puts way too much emphasis on how we look rather than who we are as people.  It would seem our values and moral code can stand for nothing.  We are all drawn into this fake concept of visual perfection.  Just remember no magazine photo is without a touch up here or there.  So…

….Be who you are, be true to yourself and people will respect you for that and the ones that don’t are not worth your time anyway!!!

Peace and love!! X

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