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Lois Loren – Photoshoot – 1 July 2017 – The Images

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Following on from my last blog:

Date: 1 July 2017
Location: Underpass, under the Ito Way, Gillingham
Model: Lois Loren Rochester, Kent
Make-Up Artist (‘MUA’): by Lois

I now have some images I can share of my shoot with Lois:

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If you want to see more of my work then please head on over to my website at



Lois Loren – Photoshoot – 1 July 2017

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Had a really great shoot with Lois last weekend we tried a lot of different things out, from ideas I had initially when booking the shoot to some that just came to us on the day whilst being in this amazing location.  Lois and I have worked together a number of times now so we are familiar with how each works – what works and what doesn’t.  There is also a trust that comes with working with someone a number of times, that the result is going to be something that you are both going to be proud of.

Before any shoot Lois and I set up a Pinterest board and both add our ideas to it so we get a feel for what we are both aiming for on the day and it is from there that we decide the wardrobe, makeup and props for the shoot.  I try to limit the wardrobe to a couple of options and then play around with composition and lighting.  Usually we get more than we need to on a 2/3 hour shoot.  I’ve found that unless you have a big production always go simple, it’s the simple ideas, simple wardrobes that work best as you can get creative with lighting, poses etc as well.  There is an endless stream of potential outcomes anyway without getting two complicated with wardrobe and props, which risk too much time being spent on them rather than the photographic output.

Prior to the shoot I did a recce of the location I had stumbled across (not literally) when I was out running one morning. These are the photos I took initially of the location, a few weeks prior to the shoot:

I wanted to see what the light was like and envisage what it might be like on shoot day, trial what settings I needed on my camera and what lens/es I needed to use to get different shots.

I decided for this shoot that I would be a bit more camera orientated as I have been trying out different cameras and mediums of late.  So I decided I would parallel run with my Canon 5D mark III as my main camera, then have some fun with a Konica C35 automatic 35mm camera loaded with a Kentmere ISO 400 black and white 35mm film (still to be developed) and an old Polaroid Impulse camera loaded with a colour 8 exposure Impossible film.

After a shoot I pull all the images together and send them over as digital contact sheets to Lois to choose from.  So, for this post I cannot show you all the digital contacts or film output but what I can show you is one particular digital shot that I had in my mind’s eye which I have already shared in Instagram and the output from the Polaroids.

First the Polaroids:

I was really pleased with these, they give a real 80s vibe and I will definitely shoot Polaroid again.  The other image which I wanted to share on this blog post is one of the digital images already shared on Instagram:


I wanted to express the feeling of isolation and thought that this was a good metaphor for the idea of limbo, “Limbo is a place where all you can do it wait”.  Recently a person I am close to suffered a mental health episode and was sectioned and whilst this is difficult for that person, those around them are also dealing with a situation which is equally if not more distressing.

It’s difficult to capture the situation in its entirety in this blog post but by having first hand experience of this I can see that both sides are equally isolated, in limbo at the hands of the human condition.  Although we are more aware of mental health nowadays, people in general still do not want to talk about it and those that face living with someone with mental heath issues are often avoided, ‘tarred with the same brush’, because people feel awkward and are unable to deal with it.

As a result of this I have also been thinking more about us as a human race; we strive to prolong life by keeping our bodies fit but ultimately not a lot is known about the brain and what can be done for the ageing brain and maybe, just maybe, the concept of zombie-ism is that the body lives on but our mental capacity dies leaving a body fit as a host physically but with an unfit brain….. hence a zombie craves a new brain to survive…. food for thought?!

On that note, enjoy your day it’s a beautiful day in the UK and I am aiming to get outside and take some more Polaroids, black and white this time.  Take care all.  Peace!

Light trails, night motion…

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This is part 2 of my experimentation with slower shutter speeds and my first time of taking any photos at night.  I share with you, below, a couple of photos I took last night not too far from where I took the photos for my last post It’s all about the motion… 

Warning!! you will need a tripod for this and a gentle button pushing finger action 🙂


Watling Street: 4 sec. f/11 25mm (Lightroom used to reduce the sodium glare from the streetlights)

Watling Street: 4 sec. f/11 25mm ISO 200


Watling Street: 4 sec. f/11 17mm

Watling Street: 4 sec. f/11 17mm ISO 200


I used Adobe Lightroom to reduce the effects of the sodium streetlights, taking out the orange/yellow glow.

Hope this inspires those of you who are new to photography to give this a go, or those veteran photographers to go and take some more night shots!

Have a lovely weekend all.


It’s all about the motion…

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Swapping notes with a fellow amateur photographer this week gave me inspiration to try something a little bit different today with slower shutter speeds.

Here are some of the results of my efforts today… Enjoy!

Esso Garage, Watling Street, Gillingham

Esso Garage, Watling Street : 1/5 sec. f/22 43mm


The Star Pub, Watling Street : 1/4 sec. f/22 30mm

Watling Street

Watling Street : 1/5 sec. f/22 50mm





Opposite The Star Pub, Watling Street : 1/6 sec. f/22 17mm

8 miles to Sittingbourne, Watling Street

8 miles to Sittingbourne, Watling Street : 1/8 sec. f/11 50mm

Weekly photo challenge – Boundaries

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I’ve not entered any of my photographs in to this challenge before so thought I would give it a go… With thanks to The Daily Post for this week’s theme Boundaries

The Strand, Gillingham, Kent

The Strand, Gillingham, Kent

This photo was taken at the back of the Strand Lido, Gillingham which backs on to the River Medway. It pays to go adventuring.

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