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Let’s get crafty…

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Good morning all.

It was recently my birthday so I decided to treat myself to some paper crafting tools.

I bought a Cuttlebug embossing and die cutting machine, a stars embossing folder and a couple of Tattered Lace die sets (flower and butterfly).

To start with I found it a bit tricky but once I had consulted with the hints and tips sheet on the Tattered Lace website all was well:

See below one of my works in progress for your viewing pleasure…


Tattered Lace die cut card


How’s the book going?…

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Glad you asked.  So, I’m not as far forward on the book as I thought I would be at the start of my writing adventure but I think I have made a pretty good start for someone who has never written so much in one go before.

I am approximately 11,ooo words in and have realised that some sort of in chapter format would be helpful to arrange my thoughts and to give a reasonable start and end to each chapter.

I’m now back at work so my time has become limited again which means I need to set myself some more deadlines to keep this book train moving.

This weekend I will give it another good go and see where I end up.

I was initially trying to review as I went and soon realised to get continuity and flow, it would be better to get everything down in a first draft and then look at the whole.  This would also mean that I could pick the best chapters, discard the weakest ones and then review with a consistent tone and approach.   So the most important thing for me at this phase is to keep writing.

Also I have found that when you force yourself to write you lose a bit of the relaxed and funny side of your writing so I have been trying to avoid this as the book needs to b light-hearted and fun.

So that’s my current update and as soon as I have anymore to tell you on this matter I will blog again.  Until next time my friends, be good! lol

Dirty Fracture by MissElisabethUK

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In case you were wondering what I have been up to – check this video out on YouTube, it’s all my own work…

Let’s get ready for Halloween….

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Ok, so, Halloween is a little way off yet but as I am usually the wizard of last-minute organisational wonders (ok chaos at times) I decided to break the mould this week and plan for Halloween.  I know this really is a scary thought!!  Week 41 enter at your own risk… MWUHAHAHAHA.

Last year was a complete disaster resulting in an evening with the lights switched off, earphones in, blinds closed and the battery being removed from the doorbell – I know extreme but also very embarrassing, however, the trauma obviously still set in my mind I set to work organising a Halloween tea.

I designed an invite which in my opinion was a fair attempt in the time I had to rustle one up and emailed it round close family and friends.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times so to create something quick and get it out there was another big step for me.

My costume has been ordered and if you have read my previous post ‘Investments, Networking and a Witch’* I took my inspiration from a character I played once at school.

so for Halloween Matthew** I am going to be………… a witch!

There are actually loads of ideas out there for Halloween but I’m not going to sit here and tell you what you could do if you are holding our own party, however, for any party you need good food, good company, a bit of fun and an element of surprise – so that is what I am working on achieving!

Hope you have fun too on Halloween (if you celebrate it) and remember make sure you (and your kids) stay safe when Trick or Treating and if someone hasn’t got anything in their windows to show they are celebrating Halloween, save them the embarrassment and don’t knock!

Until next time…..

* (

** This is a reference from a UK show, Stars in their Eyes, presented by Matthew Kelly where members of the public who sang like well-known popstars would be made up to look like their popstar hero and appear through a smoke-filled doorway revealing their transformation.  They would then battle it out with others to be crowned sing-a-like of the year – or something.  The winners would then go on to have a glittering career performing in pubs, clubs and on cruise ships, forever trapped in the body of their popstar icon.

Oh wooh wooh six pack….

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Ok so the exercise plan is not going so well…

The last two weeks have been soooo busy at work, time constraints have meant that the exercise plan has gone on the back burner.

The plan, however, is still alive and normal service will resume…  In the meantime I will leave you with the following thought:

The Shard

Some say the sky’s the limit, I say it’s just the beginning of the journey!

As I sit here and think…

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…..Week 36 has been a tough one.  And when I say tough I mean tough purely in a work context, with very challenging deadlines.

The result of this challenging week is a weekend feeling rather tired and if I’m honest a little down.  Energy levels are low and any inclination to do anything today has been severely compromised.

And so to a quote from the film Mary Poppins (1964), one of my favourite films:

Bert: Well it’s about me granddad, see, one night he has a nightmare. He was so scared, he chewed his pillow to bits. Bits. In the morning, I says, “How you feel, Granddad?” He says, “Oh, not bad. A little down in the mouth.”

I enjoy having moments of quiet contemplation, sitting and just thinking (and I am a great thinker – not of great thoughts, well maybe I have the odd one, but of thinking, a lot).  It helps to reflect on and appreciate personal growth, which passed you by whilst you were experiencing it.

So what do I think I have learnt about myself this week?   That I need to be:

– less absorbed in work at times and enjoy what’s going on around me, and
– be firmer about what I want and how I want it.

I have found that it’s important to have your own opinion (which is different from being opinionated), that you need to drive your own personal goals (which are separate from any Company’s), networking is one of your keys to success and it is unlikely you will get all the experience you need from one place so look out for volunteering opportunities which add to your skill set and get involved in projects which provide diversified and varied experiences.

Your long-term goal will be made up of lots of short-term goals – stepping-stones to the end game.  Some of those short-term goals will be hard to achieve and some you won’t enjoy doing, but once each one is complete it’s on to the next goal and a step closer to your ultimate goal.

Here’s to short-term goals and their significance in reaching the end game, to quiet contemplation and reflection and also to having a laugh from time to time (life would be very boring otherwise).

Until next time I leave you with another quote from the film Mary Poppins (1964), which compares an office to a cage (not much has changed since 1964):

Bert: They makes cages in all sizes and shapes, you know. Bank-shaped, some of ’em,

Music….. Aspire to Inspire

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Another weekly Blog is upon us and I have to say that week 15 has actually been one of the better weeks for me so far this year, which doesn’t really seem fair with all the atrocities and injustices happening elsewhere in the world.

So first I would like to send my thoughts and love to all those affected this week, not only in Boston but all over the world where people have died needlessly at the hands of some cause or another.  I, therefore, take a moment to remember them and reflect……..

Ok so let’s go back to Monday, if you will, the weather was good. I think we have finally had spring sprung upon us in the UK, after the weeks of on and off snow showers, cold winds and dark nights; the garden plants are starting to grow and the garden seems a much more welcoming place.  This ‘new start’ time of year coupled with good weather helps to keep your spirits up especially with the thought that summer is just around the corner.  Well, we are all keeping our fingers crossed it is.

So at the start of any new week many challenges lay ahead and you may be wondering how things will pan out, it’s a good question to ask yourself. Remember, you have the ability to mould and control what happens to you, so how you react to a challenge or situation will determine which path you will go down next.   I think the key is that you keep a positive open mind, plan for the best, expect the worst and you shouldn’t be disappointed

I have to say in my own life there has been a definite sea change of late with the small steps I have been making to improve my life and my prospects.  All these small decisions I am making are necessary steps and building blocks to changing the bigger picture, my future.   What I have also found particularly this week is that this positivity and focused mindset also rubs off on others.  They see you setting goals and your growing determination to make things different and they start to think what they could do to make some changes, put in place some goals. [Note: You cannot achieve a goal without giving yourself a deadline which is stretching but also realistic.]  And as a result this actually further increases the positivity around you and spurs you on to do more in the pursuit of change and personal growth.  When this happen you know you are building momentum towards a significant change….

I had my first music lesson this week after a long break, about 25 years (showing my age), which went well and I felt encouraged that I still knew a bit of the theory I had learnt all those years ago.  It felt a bit like getting back on a bike after a considerable time away. You sort of know what you are doing but the coordination has gone and the exact technique buried.   But, after a while the embedded skills you learnt return and it’s like you had never stopped.  I hope this happens with my piano playing!

Going off piste for a moment… Remember me telling you I bought a tab to ‘Blog-on-the-go’ well, I am having a few teething problems around using the onscreen typing pad with Polaris.  Hopefully I will get used to it as it’s a great gadget to write on.  Being able to produce a piece of text without any errors is proving to be challenging, editing ability is difficult, and I have to resort to finishing up my pieces on my laptop … I feel a bit of a review coming on.

Another first for me this week was that I gave a CV writing skills session to a class of 25 eleven year olds as a volunteer, which was really insightful, rewarding, challenging and definitely another grow point on my path to a better me.  I would really encourage anyone who has a spare hour or two to get involved in some sort of volunteering, you get so much out of it and so do the people you help.  It also helps to open up your people network and who knows what other opportunities that will bring…

Well, that’s me done for another week.  Hope you all have a great day with lots of positivity and if you feel like you need inspiring, look in the mirror as everything you need to succeed in life is looking right back at you!

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