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Let loose with a camera at the London Aquarium…

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I bought a ticket via Eventbrite to go to the London Aquarium (28 June 2017) to learn some techniques for taking photographs underwater.  This workshop I thought was very reasonably priced at £25.00, given entrance to the Aquarium during normal opening hours was not much different.  It felt a bit ‘night at the museum’ only ‘ the Aquarium’ with up to about 30 people there after closing.

The evening started with a presentation given by INON UK on composition and low-level lighting techniques.  To summarise some of the points of interest raised:

  • get the camera settings right first before taking a shot,
  • think about contrast (opposing colours), textures, the focal point (the eye) and rule of thirds,
  • get close up to subjects.  Your underwater mask will make subjects appear 33% closer and 25% bigger,
  • shoot at eye level,
  • heads wins / tails lose.  Try to get the subject approaching rather than swimming away,
  • try to capture reflections, light shafts and silhouettes for more creative outcomes.

Once the talk was over the practical started.  I attempted panning with the sharks, capture a glimpse of a hiding seahorse, swam with the turtles and laughed at the clown fish to name a few.  I thoroughly recommend this experience if you can take time to go, and what’s more the proceed from the evening go to charity.

Here are the results of my efforts:

Not bad for a first attempt and I would definitely give this a go again and although I am claustrophobic when it comes to being underwater, I was even tempted to try the real thing.  See if I can pluck up the courage…

And so I come to the close on another photographic exploit.  I hope you all have a great weekend, until next time…


Southbank Skateboarders – 12 August 2016

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As some of you may know I am currently studying a photography degree and as a result of my 3rd Assignment – ‘The Decisive Moment’, which I have now submitted, I found myself at the Southbank Skate Park armed with my camera ready to take some action photography.  We had a number of options with regards to what methods we could use and I chose the ‘frozen moment’ i.e. freezing the action (for those of a technical disposition this means using a high shutter speed).

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got there but it was a lovely summers evening so the park was buzzing with skateboarders and people in general and I was pleased to see the tourists were taking photographs.  This meant apart from my slightly bigger lens I didn’t feel too inconspicuous.

Luckily there were a number of skateboarders doing some really good tricks so I snapped away.  There was one particular skateboarder who was trying to master a trick so he was doing the same trick over and over again, this was great for me as it meant I could set up my focus point where I knew he was going to jump and then wait until he got to that point before pressing the shutter button.

After I had got everything I needed, I thanked the skateboarder for putting up with my persistent endeavors but would like to thank you again Luca Menegon, you really helped me out!

Here are some of the photographs I took of Luca on the day:


If you decide you want to give this a try I would definitely recommend you check out Josh Katz’s video – Skateboarding Photography For Beginners, which covers 10 simple steps to get started in skate photography.

Also for some inspiration take a look at some skateboard photographers work, I found a list on an online skateboarding photo magazine:

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

A pre and post Study Visit London

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I took the opportunity today to take my camera to London and top and tailed my OCA double header study visit with a wander around the city taking some photographs.

I thought I’d share these with you on this site as my ‘Learning Log’ is much more for documenting exercises, assignments and written critique of photographers, books  read and exhibitions been to.

I hope you enjoy…

A montage of London 07 05 2016

St Pancras Station, London…

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As a follow-up to my previous post Where is everybody… I took some more photos during my hunt for a ‘peopleless’ London so thought I would share these with you too…  More about architecture I think, but still…

3 photos on a page 2

Have a great day and enjoy all that is around you!


Three little geese…

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A picture I took at Little Venice, Paddington, London…


ISO 100   1/400 sec.   f/5.6   at 43mm

Up, Up and…….. Up (aka week 38)

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I wanted to share with you a little of the excitement of my week (week 38), being that it’s been a ‘special’ birthday week for me and therefore a time to celebrate, commiserate, fly caution to the wind and also for some reflection.

So what have I been up to, well… it has certainly been a week for going up in the world… Let me explain….

Wednesday I flew to Scotland on a business trip, which went really well (this was the first up of the week).  I was a little worried that the weather might affect the flight but it actually went without hitch.  The flight although a little turbulent in places was to time and when we landed in Edinburgh the sun was bright and it was actually pretty warm.

Thursday was not such a great day the sun had turned to rain and the day was dull and wet, but I was either in meetings or in a taxi so I was not really affected by the dampness of the day.  With all business done I was back on the plane (the second up of the week) to London, on which I slept for the most of the journey as it had been a long day.

Saturday was celebration day, all the hard work had been done for the week and a day of pampering had been had the day before (nails and hair cut).  Among the other celebrations, this is when the final ‘up’ came this week….. at The Shard. To satisfy my penchant for buildings and architecture, here are a couple of pictures I took on level 72:

Shard architecture 1 Looking up to the sky….

Shard Architecture 2

Although a little misty the rain stayed away.

It was a really enjoyable week and I hope that many more will follow.

Hope you had a great week too!

A sore shoulder welcomes week 16!

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I turn over in bed and the pain in my shoulder rips through me.  I yelp with the sharp feeling that stabs into my shoulder-blade.  Ouch!  If only I had not over twisted and trapped a nerve, then I wouldn’t be lying here wishing the paracetamols I had taken would ease the pain, even to some small degree…….. but they were not.

This was the reason for my Blog being delayed and so I apologise to my regular readers that you have had to wait so long for the next instalment of – 52 weeks in the life of MissElisabeth.

So it has taken me a number of days to get myself back to feeling better again and now that the numbness and pain in my shoulder has disappeared I can once again set to the task of sharing with you a couple of things that happened to me last week.  I had my second music lesson which went really well.  I have managed to get back into the swing of it all quite quickly (something I was hoping).  Learning the notes and rhythms and playing with the right and left hand together.  With the first piece to a reasonable standard (although still being practiced) I have been tasked with a second more challenging piece using chords for the left hand instead of individual notes.  Only time will tell whether I rise to this challenge or not.

Just as a little treat for you all I thought I would throw in a little bit of music theory…..  How do you work out major and minor chords?

A major chord has 3 notes, with an interval between the first and the second note of 4 semi-tones and an interval between the second and third note of 3 semi-tones e.g. C Major = C, E, G.

A minor chord also has 3 notes but has an interval between the first and the second note of 3 semi-tones and an interval between the second and third note of 4 semi-tones. e.g. C Minor – C, Eb, G.

I appreciate that you may now be thinking, what is a semi-tone? what is C etc?  So I apologise now if I have raised more questions for you than have solved….

Ok so music aside for a moment, I had another chance encounter on the tube last week.  I must have one of those faces that invites people to speak to me.   Actually I don’t mind speaking to anyone, which is probably why I am approached.  Who knows, anyway.  We shared commuter stories and just spent the 15 minute journey chatting about this and that.  We arrived at our destination station and then parted company as quickly as we had met.  I wondered what this encounter had been for, what was I to learn from it, to find a reason for why this brief connection had happened but in the end I figured it was just an interaction between two people passing the time and….. I was ok with that.

Here’s wishing you a great week and some enjoyable random encounters!

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