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Self Image/Body Image – Who the F@k are you anyway?

Posted in General Scribbings with tags , , , , on 1 August 2010 by misselisabethuk

My first real topic I guess would have to be about Self Image… with a sub topic of  Body Image.  You may be asking “Why? You look alright” 😀

Well, I will tell you why….  maybe by a manipulation of society over time, my strive to improve myself and be ‘better?’ than I am, or some other mental process that only a shrink would be able to decipher….  the fact of the matter is that I have developed a self-image obsession in particular to my body shape.

It’s not an unhealthy obsession as luckily I use my almost Spock like Virgoean logic to keep the obsession from going any further, however, I have days when I feel sad and frustrated if I do not meet my ideal for that day, so yes an obsession none-the-less but rated – mild.

On the up side, some days it gives me great amusement, as I stand in front of my bedroom mirror (It’s not how I look in clothes it’s my naked form that I obsess about) and think to myself, the reason I bought this mirror was for its house of mirrors effect – it actually elongates everything slightly and what I’m actually seeing is a lie anyway… but you know what, it works for me (rock on Ikea!!) it allows me not to take the whole body image thing too seriously, it’s my reality check.

With any type of obsession it’s important to have good friends around you who understand and I am blessed to have some very good friends.

Here’s the science bit…  Just wanted to say that.. lol…

I was brought up to make up my own mind about things, anything pretty much went but with the backing of a family who was supportive and not dictatorial.  With that came the mental process I have today of questioning everything using my own experiences to make a judgement… As you can imagine that has developed me into a great thinker, everything locked inside my head, considering every option logically before I make a decision.

My closing thoughts, in my logical mind ‘captain’, are that I think society puts way too much emphasis on how we look rather than who we are as people.  It would seem our values and moral code can stand for nothing.  We are all drawn into this fake concept of visual perfection.  Just remember no magazine photo is without a touch up here or there.  So…

….Be who you are, be true to yourself and people will respect you for that and the ones that don’t are not worth your time anyway!!!

Peace and love!! X

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