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A fighting start…

Posted in I'm dying here.... with tags , , , , , on 11 October 2012 by misselisabethuk

Early start, rub eyes, it’s dark,
clamber for my dressing gown.
Tip-toe quietly, around the house,
careful not to make a sound.

Looks cold outside but in here it’s warm,
a cup of tea and breakfast made.
Watching BBC1 news on the telly,
stories of fighting, i’m dismayed.

I pull myself up, to the shower I go,
where I can relax and clear my head.
Thinking of the long journey to come,
how I wish I was still in bed.

Now dressed, make-up done, bag readied,
I wait patiently for the cab, O-
good-bye house, I’ll miss you,
once more unto the breach I go!


WHAT TIME IS IT?? It’s silly o’clock with the insomnia queen…

Posted in General Scribbings with tags , , , on 2 September 2010 by misselisabethuk

I’m sure this blog will spark a riot of comments…. well maybe not at 5am on a very dark September morning but hey… talking to oneself is the first sign of madness right, or so I’ve told myself on a number of occasions…. or is it hairy palms…. hmm not sure…. anyhoo.

Today I will be mostly talking about insomnia, nothing to do with all that fandangled science stuff – although I am fully aware that by the end of this blog the men in white coats might be paying me a visit!!

So Insomnia…, some call it lack of sleep, some say it’s the brain over-processing on waking which prevents us going back to sleep… I call it my close and trusted friend who keeps me sane in times of difficulty. I call her… Insomnia, dammit you know that already… get to the point Liz.. Ok lol

Yep I have to say that Insomnia is my first realisation that something isn’t quite right in my life, it’s a defence mechanism almost preparing me for the challenges that lay ahead or that I am facing. When my thought processes need to be stepped up a gear to enable me to solve a problem or make plans, that’s usually when I will “suffer” (I use this term loosely) from this condition.

I used to see Insomnia as a pain in the butt, a frustrating consequence of having problems that needed to be resolved, now I see it as a trusted friend, an early warning system and I have recently learnt to embrace it as part of who I am and how I cope with situations and new ideas. In fact, the quiet early mornings I now relish and they often turn out to be a rewarding experience. I am definitely a morning person and have most of my wizard ideas at mental o’clock – those hair brain schemes you think up suddenly, which then gets the adrenaline flowing when an idea starts to grow, all this when everyone else is chucking up the Zzzzzs. Amazing!!!

And now… I am just thinking that this place I go to, to sort out my head, will be called Somnia – I do declare that that’s what it shall now be called. So when I wake up early from sleep I will be… in-Somnia…. get it? It may even be a continent in Liz World, an island in fact with banana trees (not that I like bananas but I like green and yellow together?!) and lots of purple flowers.. man-eating ones knowing my luck!!

Where were we, I seem to have gone off piste…. ahhh yes, the wonderful world of Insomnia… So I ask my blog readers to think of this, when you next wake up early and really cannot get back to sleep; get up, sit for a moment, write down the ideas or issues you think you are facing, maybe have some fruit tea (defo NO caffeine), relax, go into your subconscious, feel empowered to allow yourself to be awake at this time of the day, write a blog :), and realise that everyone will face Insomnia at some point in their lives. I believe it helps you to grow as a person, do not be angry by it, embrace it and sleep will come to you….

I only have one more thing to say…


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